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Table Of Contents

January 1 “Smile during Trials”
January 2 “Standing on My Faith”
January 3 “Cry”
January 4 “Praise”
January 5 “God’s Time All the Time” Part 1
January 6 “God’s Time All the Time” Part 2
January 7 “God’s Time All the Time” Part 3
January 8 “God’s Time All the Time” Part 4
January 9 “Give God praise”
January 10 “Praise God through Your Addiction” Part 1
January 11 “Praise God through Your Addiction” Part 2
January 12 “Praise God through Your Addiction” Part 3
January 13 “Trees”
January 14 “Let Go”
January 15 “Thanksgiving”
January 16 “Grace”
January 17 “Satan Can’t Bother Me”
January 18 “Twelve Steps in Poetry” Part 1
January 19 “Twelve Steps in Poetry”
January 20 “Natural High”
January 21 “What Would Jesus Do?”
January 22 “Pick Up Your Bible”
January 23 “God Will Make a Way”
January 24 “Do You Need a Friend Today?”
January 25 “God’s Sheep” Part 1
January 26 “God Loves His Sheep” Part 2
January 27 “Do You Believe”
January 28 “Follow Me”
January 29 “Deliver Me, Lord”
January 30 “Give Me Victory”
January 31 “Try God’s Way” Part 1
February 1 “Try God’s Way” Part 2
February 2 “Do You Have a Dream?”
February 3 “Get Out the Way”
February 4 “Turn Away from Evil”
February 5 “Alone with God”
February 6 “Talk to Him”
February 7 “Consequences”
February 8 “Your Task”
February 9 “The Right Direction”
February 10 “Faith”
February 11 “Don’t Cry”
February 12 “Pay Attention”
February 13 “Be a Role Model”
February 14 “I’m Your Friend”
February 15 “Digest God’s Word”
February 16 “Stretch to the Limit”
February 17 “Make the Right Choice”
February 18 “Where Is Your Heart?”
February 19 “I Found My Treasure”
February 20 “Make a List”
February 21 “We All Sin”
February 22 “Grief”
February 23 “Mask”
February 24 “Stop Complaining”
February 25 “Rejoice”
March 7 “Gaining God’s Approval”
March 8 “Talking to God”
March 9 “Count Your Blessings”
March 10 “Real Repentance”
March 11 “God Will Correct You”
March 12 “Resist the Devil”
March 13 “Praise the Lord”
March 14 “Well Done”
March 15 “Love Never Fails”
March 16 “Beating the Odds”
March 17 “Share Your Testimony”
March 18 “The Big Picture”
March 19 “Don’t Fall for the Lust”
March 20 “Try Prayer”
March 21 “Put Your Arms around Me”
March 22 “Merry-Go-Round”
March 23 “Proof of Purchase”
March 24 “Wake Up”
March 25 “It Doesn’t Take Much”
March 26 “I’ll Suffer”
March 27 “The Master and King”
March 28 “God Can Handle It All”
March 29 “Learn to Say No”
March 30 “Trust God at All Times”
March 31 “Wholeheartedly”
April 1 “I’m Not Done Yet”
April 2 “There Is a God”
April 3 “God Will Answer You”
April 4 “Let’s Celebrate”
April 15 “Do Your Best”
April 16 “Is It True”
April 17 “Break Free”
April 18 “Storms”
April 19 “Here’s How I Feel”
April 20 “It’s All Taken Care Of”
April 21 “What Has He Done Now”
April 22 “Make This Day Count” Part 1
April 23 “Make This Day Count” Part 2
April 24 “Stay On Track”
April 25 “Watch Your Step”
April 26 “No Weapon”
April 27 “It’s Time for a Checkup”
April 28 Day 119 “After All That”
April 29 “Be Yourself”
May 10 “Faithfulness”
May 11 “Pay Attention”
May 12 “God Is in Charge”
May 13 “I’m Blessed from A-Z”
May 14 “God Still Favors Me”
May 15 “Be Ye Transformed”
May 16 “Your God’s Temple”
May 17 “Obtain God’s Favor”
May 18 “Bad Batch”
May 19 “I Can”
May 20 “I Put God First on My Schedule”
May 21 “They Crucified Him”
May 22 “I Say unto You”
May 23 “Take It to Jesus”
May 24 “Observe”
May 25 “God Keep Me Close”
May 26 “Ask Anything”
May 27 “I’m Waiting on Him”
May 28 “Anxious Prayer”
May 29 “Get Close”
May 30 “Lord, I Wanna Hear from You”
May 31 “Before My Day Gets Started”
June 1 “You’re God’s child”
June 2 “Let It Flow”
June 3 “Your Every Need”
June 4 “Whether You Win or Lose”
June 5 “Pray, Don’t Get Weak”
June 6 “Never Ever Late”
June 7 “I Come to You First”
June 8 “Make Time”
June 9 “Jesus Can Heal” Part 1
June 10 “Jesus Can Heal” Part 2
June 11 “My Jesus”
June 12 “Jesus Makes Me Shine”
June 13 “I Had to Surrender”
June 14 “Get Up and Dance”
June 15 “It Shall Come to Pass”
June 16 “So We May Boldly Say”
June 17 “Be Fair”
June 18 “I’m Glad”
June 19 “Forgive and Learn to Live”
June 20 “A Reason to Praise God”
June 21 “Don’t Give in to Your Doubt”
June 22 “Praise God for This, That, and the Other”
June 23 “God Corrects Those He Loves”
June 24 “Teach Your Children about Jesus”
June 25 “Take a Stand”
June 26 “Praise through TV Shows”
June 27 “Give God”
June 28 “Maybe”
June 29 “You Gotta Have Faith”
June 30 “Mountain-Moving Faith”
July 1 “Bring You Joy”
July 2 “Are You Available?”
July 3 “The Lord Is”
July 4 “Don’t Panic”
July 5 “Put on the New You”
July 6 “This Morning”
July 7 “Resist the Devil”
July 8 “If It Had Not Been”
July 9 “Hear My Cry”
July 10 “My Heart Is Awake”
July 11 “You Will Achieve It”
July 12 “Start Believing”
July 13 “My Choice”
July 14 “Fight Back”
July 15 “Faith, Hope, and Love”
July 16 “Whether You Stop or Go”
July 17 “God Has Been Good”
July 18 “The Lord Has Anointed Me”
July 19 “The Lord’s Prayer”
July 20 “Try God’s Way”
July 21 “O Lord”
July 22 “Your Love Is Fabulous”
July 23 “A Day Away”
July 24 “I Got News”
July 25 “Purchased by God”
July 26 “Take off the Mask”
July 27 “A Wonderful Treat”
July 28 “Grab It”
July 29 “If It’s Hard to Bear”
July 30 “Persistent in Prayer”
July 31 “Be a Leader”
August 1 “Worship God”
August 2 “I Have Fought the Good Fight”
August 3 “We All Mess Up”
August 4 “Rehearse”
August 5 “Don’t Judge”
August 6 “God’s Masterpiece”
August 7 “One Name”
August 8 “God Came In”
August 9 “Betcha Ya Can”
August 10 “Don’t Worry about It”
August 11 “Distraction”
August 12 “He’s Charming”
August 13 “I’m Not Done”
August 14 “Love Hurt”
August 15 “Leave Worrying Behind”
August 16 “It Doesn’t Matter”
August 17 “Make Time”
August 18 “Power in the Word”
August 29 “I Gotta Transfer”
August 30 “The Tongue” Part 1
August 31 “The Tongue” Part 2
September 1 “The Tongue” Part 3
September 2 “The Tongue” Part 4
September 3 “Face Your Fears”
September 4 “Wouldn’t It Be Nice”
September 5 “Old Things Have Passed Away”
September 6 “Walk Away”
September 7 “Freedom”
September 8 “Get Another Chance”
September 9 “Sometimes”
September 10 “That’s What I Do”
September 11 “Against All Odds” Part 1
September 12 “Against All Odds” Part 2
September 13 “Against All Odds” Part 3
September 14 “Against All Odds” Part 4
September 15 “Finding Solace”
September 16 “Everything I Do”
September 17 “Happy”
September 18 “The Love of Money”
September 19 “Not Defeated”
September 20 “I Can’t Wait”
September 21 “Ask God”
September 22 “Feed His Flock”
September 23 “In My Sleep”
September 24 “Off Guard”
September 25 “I Didn’t See It”
September 26 “My Church”
September 27 “Do It for the Lord”
September 28 “I Was Born”
September 29 “More to Meet the Eye”
September 30 “Don’t Gripe”
October 1 “Don’t Contain It”
October 2 “Make It Count”
October 3 “I Got It Made”
October 4 “Give Me Double”
October 5 “Listen to God”
October 6 “If I Wouldda Said No”
October 7 “God Rules”
October 8 “Prayers Get Answered”
October 9 “Brighten Up My Day”
October 10 “Maybe One Day”
October 11 “Completely Trustworthy”
October 12 “Give It a Shot”
October 13 “The Devil Is”
October 14 “My Source”
October 15 “Satisfied and Content”
October 16 “He Tells Me”
October 17 “Keep It Alive”
October 18 “Doesn’t Make Sense”
October 19 “Thy Will Be Done”
October 20 “You Gotta Find Joy”
October 21 “Take Up That Space”
October 22 “Make a Sacrifice”
October 23 “I’m Available”
October 24 “Isn’t It Great?”
October 25 “I Work Hard”
October 26 “More Than Conquerors”
October 27 “Fill Me with Light”
October 28 “It’s True”
October 29 “God’s Will Gotta Be Done”
October 30 “Put Your Armor On”
October 31 “There’s Only One God”
November 1 “The Prince of Peace”
November 2 “Worthwhile”
November 3 “Jesus Said Turn to Him”
November 4 “Enough Is Enough”
November 5 “Ask”
November 6 “Trust Me”
November 7 “Plant Your Light”
November 8 “I Wanna”
November 9 “I Wanna Shout”
November 10 “God Gave Me”
November 11 “Judge Me”
November 12 “The God of Chance”
November 13 “God Knows Your Issues”
November 14 “Recognize God”
November 15 “Clap Your Hands”
November 16 “Focus”
November 17 “I Feel the Hope of God”
November 18 “Worship God”
November 19 “Jesus Is”
November 20 “God Want”
November 21 “God Will Heal You”
November 22 “Watch Out”
November 23 “I Will Never Leave You”
November 24 “This Is a Wonderful Day”
November 25 “Follow the Right Example”
November 26 “Our Mutual Friend”
November 27 “Lord, Have Mercy”
November 28 “Unclean Spirits”
November 29 “Through a Crack”
November 30 “Beyond Reality”
December 1 “There’s a Plan”
December 2 “Stir Up the Spirit”
December 3 “Just Do It”
December 4 “Something Extra”
December 5 “Who Loves You?”
December 6 “My Way”
December 7 “Unity”
December 8 “I Need a Little More Time”
December 9 “Over and Over”
December 10 “Try to Live Right”
December 11 “Beyond Your Strength”
December 12 “Victory”
December 13 “Giving Up Is Easy”
December 14 “Lord, I’m Nothing Without You”
December 15 “Leap”
December 16 “I Gotta Hot, Raging Desire”
December 17 “I Wanna Gain”
December 18 “A Godly Marriage”
December 19 “I Will Praise Thee”
December 20 “Rest for Your Soul”
December 21 “I Gotta Mended Heart”
December 22 “My Prayer, My Precious Plea”
December 23 “My Dad”
December 24 “The Lord Is My Shepherd”
December 25 “Be Bold”
December 26 “If I’m Acting Strange”
December 27 “Choose Jesus”
December 28 “He Can Use Me”
December 29 “United We Stand”
December 30 “Rebuke the Devil”
December 31 “Last but Not Least”
“About the Author”
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365 days of Poetic Praise

365 days of Poetic Praise

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