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Fasting-The Purpose of the Disciple Fast

Fasting-The Purpose of the Disciple Fast



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Published by Jackie A Paulson
How to fast
How to fast

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Published by: Jackie A Paulson on Aug 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The purpose of the disciple's fast is(Isaiah 28:6 ) - freeing ourselves and others from addictions to sin.This could be an addiction to drugs, alcohol, smoking, sex, and food.....whateverhas control of your life, other than God Himself. You know those times when yousay, " I just couldn't help myself!" ? This is an example of an addiction that hascontrol of your life.FASTING DOES NOT MAKE GOD HEAR US BETTER OR ANSWER US FASTER!Then what's the point of fasting, you ask? For one thing it's symbolic, but whilebeing symbolic, it can have a real effect on our life. When we fast, whether it's
food or TV or whatever, we are making a sacrifice of ourselves in order that wemay grow closer to the Lord.In growing closer, you reap several benefits, one of which is learning His voice.Fasting also helps us to discipline ourselves and our bodies.In other religions, Fasting is used to search one's own soul and for innerreflection.In Christianity, Fasting is used to search out God and reflect upon Him.These "addictions" are also known as besetting sins. They happen when weunknowingly believe the enemy ( Satan ) and his lies. Many Christians are inbondage to such besetting sins, and they are any sins that cannot be broken withordinary "willpower".Jesus tells us in John 8:44 that He is a liar" speaking of Satan.In besetting sins, Satan gets us to believe one of the following three lies
( otherwise called ):
1. I tried before, and can't break it.2. I don't want to do this, but can't help it.3. I need an answer, but can't find it.
 This is contrary to what the Word tells us, which is, "All things are possible forthose who are in Christ Jesus and are called according to His purpose".Believing God instead of Satan isn't always that easy, however.Satan has convinced us that we are powerless against that sin which we areunder, but " He who the son set's free is free indeed"!We are NOT powerless, but with Christ, we are ALL POWERFUL!is then a good way to break this chainwhich binds and show yourself that through Christ, you are NOT powerless!You make a life-freeing CHOICE to be delivered!You recognize that an external power is responsible for your bondage.You confess your previous lack of faith.You specifically state your besetting sin.Write it down! Write down the thing that you are fasting for. And now, it'simportant to also note that you should fast for one thing at a time so that yourprayer time can be better focused. And when you write down the thing you arefasting about, things begin to happen...* You strengthen your will by stating what you want.* You focus your energies on the problem.

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