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Restoring Truth to the Church

Restoring Truth to the Church

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Published by Christopher Peppler
This is an article I posted on my blog http://truthisthewordblog.blogspot.com concerning the centrality of Jesus Christ as THE source of truth.
This is an article I posted on my blog http://truthisthewordblog.blogspot.com concerning the centrality of Jesus Christ as THE source of truth.

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Published by: Christopher Peppler on Aug 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Restoring Truth to the church
I attended a wedding recently. The minister was a pleasant young man from a traditionaldenomination. He conducted the service well enough but he made no reference whatsoeverto the Bible, and the name of Jesus came up just once in a casual aside. A Christian marriageis based on the covenant between God and man as fulfilled in and through the Lord JesusChrist, and it is described and prescribed in the Bible. How then can a minister of the churchconduct a Christian wedding without reference to either the Lord Jesus or the Bible? This isby no means an isolated incident but is rather indicative of the sad lack of connectionbetween Jesus and the Bible evidenced in much of the church of our day. This central truthconnection needs to be restored and I am committed to playing a meaningful role in theprocess.This statement demands an answer to at least two questions; what do I mean by truth, andwhy does it need to be restored? To many the idea seems nonsensical. It is popular today toregard truth as relative and individually or group determined. If this is so, then truth isnt anabsolute that would ever need to be restored. However, I believe that truth is a personrather than simply personal, and eternally established rather than relative and transient.What do I mean by truth being a person? Well Jesus claimed to be truth itself when hedeclared, 
I am the way and the truth and the life
(John 14:6). On many occasions he usedthe phrase 
I tell you the truth
, but here he went beyond that to proclaim that he was theembodiment of truth. This was a central idea in early Christianity. The first century discipleswere more followers than learners. They witnessed to a relationship with the Son of Godand sought to emulate him rather than just study his teachings. But then things started tochange.By the middle ages, Christian maturity was gauged by knowledge of doctrine and churchprotocol instead of the quality of a living relationship with Jesus Christ. And things haventchanged much since then. In traditional churches the priest, pastor, minister is required tohold a bachelor of theology degree. This is good in itself but surely a mature relationshipwith Jesus is of greater importance? The answer to that question is often negative becausethe criterion for ministerial success hasbecome what you know rather than who you know.Ask an average gathering of Christians if they are currently discipling anyone and a typicalpositive response would be one in a hundred. Jesus commissioned his followers to go intoall the world and make disciples but so few of us do. Why is this? Again, ask a typicalcongregation this question and one of the most common responses is, I dont knowenough
. What they mean by this is that they dont have in-depth knowledge of the

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