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Fernwood 2010 Fall Catalogue

Fernwood 2010 Fall Catalogue

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Published by Fernwood Publishing
NEW! Fall Catalogue from Fernwood PublishingFernwood Publishing
NEW! Fall Catalogue from Fernwood PublishingFernwood Publishing

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Categories:Types, Brochures
Published by: Fernwood Publishing on Aug 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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critical books for critical thinkers
Fernwood pubLishing
Mr. Big
Expsig Udecve Ivestigtis i Cd
by Kouri T. Keenan & Joan Brockman
KoUrI T. KEEnan is  Ph.D. studet i theSchl f Cimilgy t Sim FseUivesity. Joan BroCKan is  pfes-s i the Schl f Cimilgy t SimFse Uivesity. He publictis iclude
Gender in the Legal Profession: Fitting or Breaking the Mould 
d (with V. Gdrse)
 An Introduction to Canadian Criminal Procedure and Evidence (4th Ed)
.pb 9781552663769$18.95130pprights: Wld / Septembe“. Big” is  stig peti desiged tbti  cfessi d the evidecefm  suspect tgeted by udecveplice ces psig s membes f thecimil udewld. I  typicl scei,udecve petives cvice thesuspects tht they e big-time cimils,e them vius muts f mey dthe icetives t help mke thei leglpblems g wy. I de t evlute thelegitimcy f this plice pctice, Keed Bckm suvey ve 80 cses f theuse f the . Big use by plice i Cd— d d tht this pcedue is t ssuccessful s it ppes. The uths guetht the . Big pcedue ecuges plice cultue f vilece d cvictisthe th justice d suggest tht thispctice must be dsticlly cutiled if wee t hve  legl system tht is fcused the pusuit f justice.Cime eptig is fte thught t besimply  bjective d fctul descip-ti f  evet. I
Constructing Danger,
 Chis cCmick gues tht cime is meth simply epted: it is cstucted. adsmetimes it is distted, exggeted dmipulted i de t cete ceti im-pessis f d piis but the wld.Exmiig issues such s hw misepese-ttis f 
pepetutes hmful stee-types, the udeepesetti f wmei the ews, the tivilizti f sexulssult d the sestilized fcus vilet cime, this bk chlleges edest ppch the ews with  me citicleye d t ecgize hw misepeset-tis led t  distted pecepti f thewld. Futhe, this bk sks the ede tcside the csequeces f hldig thisdistted visi, fm icesed suveil-lce d legislti t the mliztif vilece.
Constructing Danger
Emtis d the is/repesettif Cime i the news Secd Editi
by Chris McCormick 
pb 9781552663820hb 9781552663875pb $29.95 / hb $54.95256pprights: Wld / octbeCHrIS CCorICK is  pfess f cimilgy d cimil justice t St.Thms Uivesity. He is the uth f umbe f bks, icludig
The Westray Chronicles
Criminology in Canada
Understanding Deviance
An Introduction to Mr. Big • False Confessions and Wrongful Con-viction • Contacting and Grooming the Target to Elicit Confessions• Mr. Big: Legal, Moral, and Ethical Issues • Reigning In Mr. Big •References • Cases • Legislation • Appendix A: List of Mr. Big Cases
Preface to the Second Edition • A String of Stranger SexualAssaults: The Construction of an Orthodox Account of Rape •Women Who Work as Prostitutes: The Sex Trade and Trading inLabels • Domestic Terrorism: The News as an Incomplete Record of Violence against Women • The Mount Cashel Orphanage Inquiry:The Inscription of Child Abuse • Fiends and High Risk Groups:Misrepresenting and Signifying a Disease • The Halifax Race Riot:Extralocality and Racism in the News • Crime Rates and CrimeFear: Portraying Crime Out Of Control • Crime Stoppers and thePolice: The Ideological Construction of Community • Lawyers andSerial Killers: The Press and Sensationalism • The Westray MineExplosion: Covering a Disaster and a Failed Inquiry • Conclusion
st Cdis believe tht thei expeieces f helthd illess e shped by luck, tetmet ptis dlifestyle chices. Gvemet, public helth uits dvius disese sscitis ll eifce this peceptiby ctiully extllig lifestyle chices d geeticesech s the sluti t u illesses.
 About Canada:Health and Illness
tells  dieet sty. This bk guestht it is the scil detemits f helth, impsed us by the “mket,” tht dictte the helth f Cdis.Scil detemits iclude such thigs s icmed welth, emplymet, qulity f educti, ccesst helth d scil sevices d bility t bti fdd husig. Deis rphel cmpelligly dem-sttes tht the helth d lgevity f Cdis culdbe getly impved t by chges t lifestyle, butthugh simple chges t scil plicy.Fro CHaPTEr onEThe pupse f this bk is t exmie hw d whythese scil detemits e imptt t u helthd hw they c be stegtheed d me equitblydistibuted mg Cdis. By dig s, Cdisc cme t udestd d ct t impve the fctstht llw us t live lge d helthie lives.DEnnIS raPHaE is  pfess t the Schl f HelthPlicy d gemet t Yk Uivesity. He is editf 
Social Determinants of Health
, c-edit f 
Staying Alive
d uth f 
Poverty and Policy in Canada
About Canada:Health and Illness
by Dennis Raphael 
Who Stays Healthy? Who Gets Sick? • Living Conditions, Stress and Bodies •Income, Education, Employment Security, and Working Conditions • Early ChildDevelopment, Food Security, and Housing • Social Exclusion: Aboriginal Status,Race, Gender, and Disability • Public Policy and the Social Determinants of Health • What Needs to Be Done?
pb 9781552663752hb 9781552663882pb $17.95 / hb 34.95172pprights: Wld / Septembe

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