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AH Syllabus and Outline

AH Syllabus and Outline

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Published by relentlessgrace

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Published by: relentlessgrace on Aug 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Ancient History 
Mr. SchmidtbergerObjectives:
Demonstrate knowledge and awareness of the dynamics of culture and civilization
Understand the Geography of the Ancient World (maps)
Learn and understand how the ancients viewed their world and how it operated
Identify key Facts, Dates, People, Places, and Events the molded and changed the Ancientworld
Understand the culture in which various religions were birthed: Hinduism, Judaism,Christianity, Confucianism, and Islam
Teaching Method
1.Traditional Lecture2.Discussion - see explanation below3.Assigned readings from our textbook 4.Assessment - tests, quizzes, and projects5.Practicum - field trips and critical thinking
- You will have 15 quizzes throughout the semester. Each is 10 points, for asemester total of 150. These will be at the end of every week.
- 4 total spread throughout the semester. Each test will be 100 points.
- This is a subjective grade determined by your teacher. Each week is worth25 points for a semester total of 500 points. This is the majority of your grade.Participation is determined by:
Discussion - I understand as a whole this class is weak at discussing concepts. If you donot contribute daily to discussion, you will not get full credit. Your comments in classcan be original, or personal insights from your engaged, careful reading assignments.
Preparedness and Punctuality - You must come to class on time and prepared, with your textbook and other homework assignments, notebook and writing utensil. Unlessgiven specific permission from myself, students are not allowed to bring their laptop toclass.
Attentiveness - Clearly demonstrated by note-taking. Frequently I will give handouts,outlines, and teach using the blackboard and powerpoint. These are teaching aids;students must focus on what I am saying, not necessarily what I am writing. Look for the point of emphasis.
Demeanor - Do not distract your classmates, instead encourage them to pay attentionand contribute to class discussion. Eating is not allowed in class, nor is chewing gum orusing cell phones without permission. If used, they will be confiscated and turned into the office where your parents/guardians must come pick them up.
Absent - If a student is excused from school or class, he/she has the opportunity gainparticipation points by scripture and catechism memorization. If a student isunexcused, they will receive 0 points for the day.
- Quizzes will include questions from your homework assignments. Majorconcepts from the readings reinforce lecture material, thus they are recommended forstudying purposes. Take notes on your homework to aid your studying.
Contact Information:
Email:rschmidtberger@trinitychristian.netWork: 412-242-8886
Use the blank space below for writing extra comments:
I.Introduction to Ancient HistoryA.What is HistoryB.the Historical Study (how to study history)C.Culture and Civilization1.Dynamics of Culture2.5 Components of Civilizationa)different institutionsD.Distinctives of the AncientsII.The first CivilizationsA.Sumer1.Geography2.Institutions3.Primary Sourcesa)Gilgameshb)Hamurabbi’s Codec)Hymn to Enlil4.CultureB.Mesopotamia1.Geography2.Institutions3.CultureC.Akkadia1.Institutions2.Primary Sourcea)Enuma Elishb)the Autobiography of Sargon3.CultureD.Egypt (field trip to CMOA)1.Geography2.Institutions3.Primary Sourcea) the Instruction of Ptahhotep4.Field Trip:http://www.carnegiemnh.org/programs/egypt.htmlIII.The Eastern CivilizationsA.Harappan1.Geography2.Institutionsa)HinduismB.China1.Geography2.Institutions3.ConfuciusIV.Israel and the other ANE Civilizations (Key question: why was Israel so victorious in resistingother nations and empires?)A.Israel

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