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What is Wrong With Fur

What is Wrong With Fur

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Published by Our Compass

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Published by: Our Compass on Aug 23, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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for a fur free society
Beyond the Myths and Propaganda: Facing the Facts
t is time to identiy responsibility within the ur trade.
Consumers need to recognize thoseretailers who have made the compassionate decision to orego selling ur.Still, it remains a retailer’s responsibility to examine their role in the intricate relationship among thosewho kill the animals, those who design garments and accessories made o ur or ur trim, and thesystem that makes it available to consumers. A retailer must decide how to participate.Consumers or a Fur Free Society (CFFS) oers itsel as a resource to retailers so they can betterunderstand the controversy surrounding the use o animal ur or ashion. CFFS provides inormed andreliable responses to what have become common propaganda ploys by the ur industry to desensitizepeople to a key act: When we accept the notion that ur is merely a abric, we contribute to real lieanimal suering and death. Born Free USA united with Animal Protection Institute (API) asks that youconsider these messages, and take a hard look at the role o a retailer in the ur trade.
The ur industry’s goal is to sell ur.
Clearly, the ur industry has an incentive to sell its product — ur.The marketing eorts by the ur industry present an emphasis on pitching the concept that ur ismerely a abric. To support this notion, it is necessary that they disassociate the “abric” rom the actualanimal that died to provide the ur.
Fur in all shapes, sizes, colors, and patterns is still an animal’s coat.
Common Myth:
Fur’s new styles will make consumers re-think ur in a totally dierent way.Because it is “just a small bit o uy pink trim” on a jacket cu or scar tassel, does not mean it is notthe same grisly product o animal suering and death. Fashion designers who choose to use ur relyon novel ways to incorporate ur into their clothing lines and designs. Fur is now being dyed in brightcolors or to mimic exotic animal patterns, braided or beaded to give it a unique texture or exotic look,or shorn down to imitate the eel o velvet abric. However, the reality remains; the “novel” ur is still theresult o animal suering and death.
Please consider the reality that fur is not simply a fabric.

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