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Light Manual: A Pow Wow With God: Walk Towards The LIght

Light Manual: A Pow Wow With God: Walk Towards The LIght

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Walk towards the light you can see shimmering off on the distant horizon dimly on the landscape of your consciousness.
Walk towards the light you can see shimmering off on the distant horizon dimly on the landscape of your consciousness.

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Published by: Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Jonathan Francois Douglas O'Haly – 8/23/2010 
Let the truth guide your life now. Reawaken to the allencompassing reality of it all. The light beckons at all times evensomewhere distant barely visible off of the horizon dim on thelandscape of your consciousness. It’s there if you look for it.It’s not that hard. To begin your journey towards the seemingly,apparently impossible. Head out towards it. On this path you canlearn to begin a dialogue with your inner voice. Everything not onthe great path is confusion. If you are confused a little bit don’tworry. It’s natural. As we begin the great journey back towards the Creator, toeternal life and salvation, to our reintegration with ourselvesreally. In this life, right now, not in some imagined future, “maybein another life.” Salvation because we have faith in ourselves andfaith in the Creator’s love for us. So as Jesus ascended so shallyou ascend. Not because we have faith in Jesus. Jesus could bea fictional character. He means nothing to your own chances of discovering salvation and saving yourself. It is a great story. Findmeaning in everything. 
How can we save ourselves? The spark that comprises themind of God, that brought the universe exploding out of purenothingness, is also the same spark that our very own souls are.We are waves in the ocean of being and consciousness. Godis the ocean. We are all water. In this way we realize our truenature as true children of the Creator. And begin a dialogue withCreation. Life is full of signs. Learn to read. Grow into the realityof it all. Who judges the mighty traveler who risks all on the greatprimordial road towards truth and spiritual illumination. TheWay is alive and ever present. The universe unfolds beforeyour very eyes. The third eye is a reality. Learn to see with your eyes closed. Turn your senses inwards. People look outside for truth. Even with spiritual truth. Maybe I’ll believe this guy or nomaybe this guy, he was on Oprah, or hmmmm Madonna’s intothis. There’s nothing wrong with reading and exploring differentbranches of spirituality but without the accompanying realizationthat the real roots of spiritual knowledge can only be found withinyourself then you are taking a huge detour on the road to self illumination. True ascendance occurs after and because of the dissolutionof the limited self. Spirituality today for the most part is a groupof materialistic ideologies that really seek to comfort and detour the limited self from true self realization. Read my book, thinkabout the Now, do this meditation, buy this set of audio tapes.Hey I’m not against all of this in the same way that I’m not totallyagainst people buying clothes they don’t really need in the mall.The marketing of spirituality should be seen in the same light, inthe end it’s just more clutter you have to free yourself from. Hey Imight try to sell a book someday. We all need to make a living.

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