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Short Story 22

Short Story 22

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Published by majin_otis

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Published by: majin_otis on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Caines 1
Melessa CainesENC-1101Mr. Cartright14 November 2009Until The Brink Murderous thoughts filled her mind, she could picture Sarah¶s skull being cracked openand the blood spilling out. Visions of stabbing out Sarah¶s heart and feeding it to her hauntedher. Melissa broke down and began to cry as these nightmares pierced her soul. ThroughMelissa¶s sobbing she tried to think back, back before every heavy breath of her roommate filledher heart with and inexplicable feeling of hatred.Melissa Candy always thought of herself as an astute young lady who looked past people¶s flaws. She was a genial eighteen year old girl who had just graduated high school. Inthe years before her graduation she never really liked her private school, but dealt with thedifficult schoolwork and annoying cliques. She had many friends and acquaintances and usuallygot along with everyone. She was slightly quirky and loved to play video games and drawAnime, but other than that she was a fairly normal teenage girl. A huge change was about to befall Melissa, she was leaving her loving parents home and moving to a dorm in the Universityof South Florida. She was a bit weary of moving because the dorm she was assigned to, SeffyHall, was notorious for being extra shitty. She had also looked up her roommate up on Facebook and noticed that she was not the most attractive of girls, but she seemed like she had a good heartand Melissa was determined to befriend her new living partner. She wanted to make the best of the situation and look past the less than amazing dorm. The big day had arrived.
Caines 2
³One hour left,´ thought Melissa while she drove along the interstate nearing her destination of the University of South Florida. She pulled up to Seffy Hall, walked in, andimmediately had a bad feeling in the pit of her stomach. Seffy hall was run down, the walls wereconcrete blocks, the pipes were showing and it smelled strongly of mold. Melissa drove in her own car while her father and mother drove behind her in their white Lincon Navigator for theduration of the trip and helped her move all of her belongings into her cramped dorm. All wentwell until her new roommate, Sarah walked in.
Oh wow,
thought Melissa. Sarah was an overweight girl with wavy brown hair and browneyes. Her eyes were extremely close together, her nose was very large and bulbous, and acneriddled her mouth and chin area. Her face and body were completely devoid of any femininefeatures; she had no hips and absolutely no bottom to speak of. Melissa could notice that Sarahhad a mild case of body pimples. A sudden feeling of shame overcame Melissa, she felt terriblefor judging poor Sarah on her appearance and her face became flushed with the pink undertonesof embarrassment.³Hey, I¶m Melissa, your roommate nice to meet you´, greeted Melissa.³Sup, I¶m Sarah´, grunted Sarah. Melissa finished moving in and bid farewell to her  parents. Melissa thought it would be a good idea to get to know Sarah so she tried to begin aconversation with her. ³So how long have you been in Tampa? Do you know your way aroundcampus?´³Since the summer, I know everything.´³Oh, well that¶s good do you want to go to the mail room with me, I am a bit confusedwith the whole P.O. box ordeal.´³Sure, maybe tomorrow, I am busy tonight´
Caines 3
³Awesome!´Melissa¶s other suitemates arrived that night. One was a small blonde girl named Tiffanyand another was a brunette girl named Abigail. Her suitemates seemed nice, and Melissa would be sharing a bathroom and a common room with them.That night in the uncomfortable twin bed, Melissa could feel her heart beating beneathher clothes. It was her first night away from the nest she called home. Melissa was extremelyuneasy and could not seem to fall asleep so she decided to browse Facebook. The time was2:00am and all of a sudden Melissa began to hear a frightful trembling noise. Melissa wasextremely startled and began to look around and check her laptop. She thought that her laptopwas malfunctioning or some strange track was playing from a website. Melissa muted her computer but the horrendous noise continued. The noise sounded like a dinosaur attacking a cow.She then looked over to her left to discover that the painful noise was coming from her roommate. She was a snorer. Melissa had never heard that type of snoring before though. Itseemed unhealthy for such a young girl to produce such a noise. She became worried for Sarah¶shealth and decided that she would inform her tomorrow of her potential medical problem. In thehours to come Melissa did not get a minute of sleep. Her insomnia was caused by a mixture of her homesickness and the loud trumpet like snoring of her roommate. Melissa¶s room was sosmall that the distance between her bed and Sarah¶s was less than a yard. She knew she had along year ahead of her but was still optimistic about the future.The next morning Melissa was slightly sluggish because she had gotten absolutely nosleep and she had a pounding headache. She did not let her headache interfere with her daythough because she had made a date with Sarah. They headed over to the mail room and Melissacasually began a conversation.

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