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Confucius Jesusians United

Confucius Jesusians United

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Published by Frank Gallagher
An opportunity to test your sanity and your stance on humanity
An opportunity to test your sanity and your stance on humanity

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Published by: Frank Gallagher on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Fundamentals of Humanism
We are all human knowing well what is and what is not receptive to a fellow humanBorn to earth our creator, provider and possessor of all relative knowledge, of innocent andempty mind randomly dispersed to varying financial environments ranging from extreme povertyto extreme wealth through no fault of our own inherently bias reared to the traditions andcustoms chanced upon established by the hierarchy of State and Spiritualism that we accept andcome to know ³How it is´ through observation and by 5 prior to the first day of school we knowthe Spirit of Jesus and the aspirations attributed to be God as the Golden Rule that has forever  blown in the wind documented in history according to present knowledge that Confucius 551BC ± 479 BC was first to grasp born of poverty rising to dine with the hierarchy world renownfor his wisdom not only gave us the Golden Rule
³Do not impose on others what you would not wish for yourself´
but necessaryfor all to obey lest the abiders be taken advantage of gave us³Recompense injury with justice and recompense kindness with kindness´ all quite natural of the progression of thought and reason that any sane individual can deduce for his or herself.
It takes one to know one
It is not our magnificent brains that separate us from the animals, but the adeptness to storeknowledge through the natural progression of thought and reason being that used to deduce thatThe Spirit of Jesus or God as you prefer summarized by Jesus paraphrasing the Golden Rulegrasped by Confucius that any individual that had the interest and time would conclude the samething being the epitome of simplicity and sanity that can be expressed many ways with theinnumerable words available and Confucius said it many ways and Jesus came up with
³Do unto others as you would have them do unto you´
 It is the intelligent obviously with an ambition to learn that should and would know this to betrue obviously not the type to sit back and let what ever will be will be, with history attesting thatthey used their knowledge to organize and take advantage of the lesser educated and obviouslythe lesser advantaged that would use them this way and that in every which they could being themanner the Roman Empire was a amassed through force invading and ransacking neighboringregions and countries having always been insatiable for wealth and power and thus forever been behind the persistent Struggle of Humankind by their nature leaving hatred in their wake thatwhat goes around comes around with the masses inherently bias and ignorant held hostage totheir needs easily enticed by them with the wealth and thus power « Bully Brat Biased Beasts,to join them with promises of a better quality of life, that which we all persistently aspire toattentive to our personal interests that naturally segregate us to PIG (Personal Interest Groups)driven by our perceptions of Pleasure, Leisure and MEANS that invariably results withinnumerable PIG and natural Conflict of Interest that is just ³How it is´ akin to the naturalismsof gravity pull that which we must accept and go with the flow.This is fundamental to all humans that should be common knowledge to all sane individuals thatknow well of humans being one with common necessity of survival to provide for self thatshould also be aware of the dangers of a human obstructed from his or her necessities.Rocket science is for them studied of the thing as are fields of endeavor beyond the fundamentalsas in the various fields of study involved in the erection of a high rise building being all PIG withone common factor that they are human with the Fundamentals of Humanism in play beingground rules best defined as the Golden Rule that due the realities of the Naturalism of Humanism must be stringently artificially enforced attentive to the
Fundamentals of Humanism
 Golden Rule³Do not impose on others what you would not wish upon yourself´³Recompense injury with justice and recompense kindness with kindness´³Do unto others as you would have them do unto you´This applies no matter what education one has or what chosen field of endeavor that we simplyand sanely must all abide by and of course it is imperative that every individual Knows the Law
3to do so and why wouldn¶t they being human thus FUNDAMENTAL as every sane individualknows at 5 prior to the first day of school, whereas ignorance of the law provides no defense thatis Common Sense consistent with the Golden Rule that is the Bench Mark thus the catalyst toknow certain what is Common Sense amongst the entirety of the human populace being the solidfoundation in which to build a knowledge base through the natural progression of thought andreason ever attentive to the fact that every individual is inherently bias with each the right in, of and with The Spirit to act upon his or her interests in progressive advancement being the natureof the thing and humongously beneficial to all of society that we do have different interests lesswe all be dumb bi asses unable to feed ourselves or all be rocket scientists then who would provide all the necessities?So as we see in the erection of high rises founded on the continuity of truths known by thevarious PIG with overlapping knowledge of all the PIG abuts to the certainty of efficienteffectiveness with all individual PIG Sense in Common all assembled for one purpose to erectthe high rise building for human use in which all have a commonality and in that respect boundto the Bench Mark which Common Sense is measured by obviously a CONSTANT that is andmust be held true not subject to ignorant perceptions or perceptions developed attentive to personal interests that would be 180 degrees adverse to The Spirit the Natural Law of Humanism being our inherent bias of developed unique perceptions that made it necessary to finance asystem to artificially enforce The Spirit in the first place.Before the erection of high rise there are many issues to attend to after the concept has beenmaterialized, back and forth to the drawing board through the process of Trial and Error governed by Cause and Effect with due regard to the Fundamentals of Humanism where Conflictof Interests are inevitable.It is the Nature of Humanism prone to err ignorantly through Trial and Error, accidentally or deliberately attentive to inherent bias that extraordinary measures must be taken when structuringthe prerequisite legal system consistent with The Spirit, with innumerable departments staffed byinherently bias humans that present knowledge of humans being quite familiar with one providesme with an extremely uncomfortable sense of ease.It is such knowledge of the Natural Realities of Humanism that naivety deliberate or otherwisecannot be tolerated within the legal system personnel that have as a whole the responsibility tostructure an unbiased, competent, responsible and irreproachable legal system with fortitude andconviction to the certainty that due diligence has been applied with failsafe mechanism to ensurethe personnel are adept to the utmost serious purpose to ensure every individual is equallygoverned, equally protected, equally benefitted and equally punished when due regardless of financial prowess obvious it is meant to protect every individual whether or not an individual isworking with an income to be fairly taxed consistent with The Spirit attentive to theFundamentals of Humanism.Every individual is RESPONSIBLE to be in, of and with The Spirit being the only viableenvironment in which one can expect to be treated fairly as an equal regardless of financial portfolio whereas that is an entirely different entity with seemingly a mind of its own that permits varying degrees of quality of life that all income must be acquired within the bounds othe Spirit with of course the more knowledgeable of a field of endeavor and the more effortexerted the greater quality of life can be expected earned and deserved.

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