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Family Dynamics

Family Dynamics

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Published by Rory See

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Published by: Rory See on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rory Holcombe & Andre McIntoshPresent
Family Dynamics:
A Tragedy in Four Parts
Pt. 1
The idea came to Patrick when he dropped his pencil in class one morning. Thetowheaded boy of nine reached down, with his newly fractured wrist, to pick up the fallenutensil. He winced in an obvious sign of pain that was both caught and ignored by his teacher,Mrs. Gunderson. She’d continued to turn a blind eye to Patrick’s numerous plights throughouthis career in her classroom and thought often to herself that his father’s influence more thanoutweighed her pitiful presence in their community. Even so, there was no way she could havemissed his most recent injury, for if the apple-sized swelling was no indicator, then the ink-colored bruise that adorned his forearm had to be some clue.Having retrieved his pencil Patrick returned his gaze to his current mathematicsassignment. Yet multiplication was the furthest thing from his mind, replaced by his father,Adam’s, most recent violent outburst. He was a prominent businessman, his mother, Evelynwould often say, and because he was so busy he needed his home to be “ship-shape”. Patrick’snegligence to push his chair in, or his sister’s inattention to the condition of her place mat during breakfast were often the cause of conflict in his home. Yet nothing vexed his father more thannoise, or the lack thereof.Adam had a particular mode of thinking when it came to noise. There could neither betoo much nor too little, and Patrick’s playful commotion two nights before had driven Adamlivid. It began with an excess of noise during Adam’s nightly newspaper reading session, and asEvelyn scrubbed dishes and Catherine, their pretty, pre-teen daughter, listened to music in her room the first outpouring of frustration came.“Will you all PLEASE be QUIET?!” Adam roared. He hadn’t been home for more thanan hour and was already in a foul mood. Catherine their meek, dark-haired, daughter with an IQ
of 155, lowered her music volume, having learned long ago that there must still be some sort of sound in order for Adam to remain pacified. She returned to her book, silently hoping that her  brother would catch on to their father’s disposition. He did not which prompted Adam to tear his paper in half and storm up the stairs leading to the children’s bedrooms. Patrick, who was in themiddle of a daring rescue looked up at his father who stood a towering six and a half feet tall.Adam lifted his foot and crushed his son’s toy cars. He snatched the action figure from Patrick’shand and smashed it repeatedly against a dresser, again, and again until the once great hero wasnaught more than crumbs. As the coup de grace to this meltdown, he kicked his son at the baseof his chest and forced the boy to the ground. His eyes were little more than slits when hegrowled out his command.“Keep. It. Down.” Patrick could barely squeak out a reply.Angry tears invaded his nose and mouth and smeared the three problems he’d managed tocomplete. As the bell rang to signal the end of the school day, he gathered his things, he knewthat his only option now would be to murder his father. He also knew that Catherine would have been thinking the same thing.

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