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Unit 1

Unit 1

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Published by hbrielmann

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Published by: hbrielmann on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction to Chemistr
 August 31, 2010
In this Unit:
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Unit 1
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 Welcome to Chemistry!
Unit 1 Introduction to Chemistry August 31, 2010
e begin this course by asking a simple question: What is everything made out o?That is the essential question or this course- the same question that the we all naturally ask as we look at the world around us. For a ew o you, opening yourmind to the world o chemistry may change the course o your lie, as it did or me. For all o you this course will help you to understand the world you live in.In this unit we will consider what chemistry is and what chemists do, and how chemistry is part o everyday lie. We w ill look at how the scientic method is applied in this eld, and at the end we will ocus on someo the details o one branch o chemistry: organic chemistry, which is based on the element carbon. W e’ll see what some organic molecules look like, and how they are classied. To help explore this wewill perorm ve experiments where we will try to nd out own answers by lighting things onre, assembling models, growing plants, crystallizing pure molecules, and orming multilayeredmixtures.
 I you happen to be scuba diving in Hawaii and see thiscolorul sot coral, you have came across a dangerous spe-cies. This zoanthid  Palythoa toxica(shown above right, witha close-up o the tentacles on the let)produces the toxin palytoxin  shown at bottom right. One o the most toxic sub-  stances knownto man, this coral wascollected by Hawaiianwarriorswho dipped their spears in it beore battle.
Palythoa sp.tentacle“Chemists are a strange class o mortals, impelled by an almost maniacalimpulse to seek their pleasures amongst smoke and vapour, soot and fames,poisons and poverty, yet amongst all these evils I seem to live so sweetly that I would rather die than change places with the King o Persia.”-- Johann Joachim Becher, Physica subterranea (1667)Everything about this course, this book, and the next 180 days we’ll spend together is based on a simple philosophy:1. People don’t learn unlessmotivated5. The brain is a muscle. Anything you learn will be orgotten i you don’t continue to use it.4. Curiosity arises throughhands-on experiences3. Motivation is sparked by curiosity 2. Once motivated, peoplecan do anything 

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