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Published by sahebju

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Published by: sahebju on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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is the Arabic word for the
is the Arabic word for submission to Allah© 2006www.Allah.com© 2006www.Muhammad.com 
New Release Version 2.0 October, 2006
The Cure "Ash-Shifa" by Judge Eyad (476 - 544H) (1123AC died) 
An adaptation and abridgement
Please also download and read our other bioTHE MILLENNIUM BIOGRAPHY OF MUHAMMAD
byGrand Muhaddith Master Abdullah Ben Sadek Anne Khadeijah DarwishAhmad DarwishAvailable in Word, PDF & Web Formats for Palm, PocketPC,Please email this work to friends and family
Wahb, Munabbih's son, who was well educated said, "From my readings it has been has become evident that if all the intelligence of humanity, from the first to the last, were to be gathered as one, it would be incomparison to the intelligence of the Prophet, praise and peace be upon him, as a single grain of sand."
 How lost am I, much less most Muslims in the west, who have no access to such knowledge. Rather they have only paltry ideas most of which were invented by others and devoid of all pertinence and often designed to mislead.Please enjoy this other straightforward Bio (seerah) from the beginning.
 Ryan O
 Maellie Denver, Colorado, USA
The healing (of the reader) by defining the rights of the chosenProphet
 Praise and peace be upon him
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bySupreme Justice Eyad
An Adaptation and Abridgement
In the Name of Allah, the Merciful, the Most Merciful
bySupreme Justice Eyad
Arabic means "Allah praises and gives peace upon the Prophet"and said as (salla Allahu alihi wa sallam)
The Imam, Hafiz, Abulfadl, may Allah be pleased with him opens his great workof Prophet Muhammad's biography with an introduction saying:Praise be to Allah who is alone in possessing His most splendid Name, and isthe Owner of unconquerable might.Praise be to Allah who is Unique having the highest Names, the Owner oftremendous might, having neither beginning nor end. He is apparent, not byimagination or guesswork. He is the hidden out of purity, not out of non-existence who has encompassed everything in His Mercy and KnowledgeAllah has sent an abundance of His Favor to those whom He guides (friends)and He sent to them a Messenger of pure descent from the best among Arabsand non-Arabs and who is the finest both in lineage and upbringing.His intelligence and patience were greater than any of the creation of Allah, andhis knowledge and understanding were indeed of the highest standing. Hisconviction was the strongest likewise his determination, as for his compassionand mercy it was the greatest of all humans.Allah purified him in both spirit and body and protected him from allimperfections and blemishes, and bestowed him with wisdom and judgment.Through him, Allah opened eyes that were blind, hearts that were covered andears that were deaf, and He caused people to believe in Him. Those whomAllah had decreed happiness honored and helped him, as for those to whomAllah had written wretchedness they rejected and turned away from him. Allahsays, "
But he who is blind in this life shall be blind in the Everlasting Life and will be further astray from the Path." 17:72 
. May Allah praise His Messengerwith praising that increase continuously and may He grant peace upon hisfamily and Companions.(After the above introduction Hafiz, Abulfadl supplicated), "May Allah illumineboth your heart and mine with the lights of certainty. May He bestow upon ussubtleness as He bestowed His friends (Awlia), those who are fearful of Him,those whom He has honored by sending to them from His Purity and who has
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distanced them from humanity thereby gifting them from His Knowledge andthe witnessing of the marvels of His Kingdom and the traces of His Might inwhich their hearts were full of wonderment and so their brains wandered in HisGreatness."Such friends that make Him their only pursuit and witness Him in this life and inthe Everlasting Life are blessed by seeing the Beauty and Majesty of Allah asthey go to and fro between the tasting of His Power and the enormity of HisGreatness. They are totally satisfied immersed in their devotion and relianceupon Him applying to themselves the saying of Allah,
"Say, 'Allah'. Then leave them, playing in their plunging." 
6:91.I have been asked many times to write a reference that harvests the definitionof the rank of the chosen, Prophet Muhammad, may Allah praise and veneratehim and grant him peace, that depicts his deservedly great honor and therespect due to him. And, the verdict upon those who do not fulfill what is due tohim or those who attempt to degrade the superiority of his rank by even the clipof a nail. I have also been asked to gather the statements of our predecessorsand imams on his greatness and will support their sayings with verses from theKoran or parables.You should be aware that you have burdened me with a very difficult task, andthat this task is a momentous undertaking and my heart is filled withapprehension.In order to produce this work it is necessary for me to evaluate the primarysources and examine the secondary sources, and research in both depth anddetail the science of what is necessary for the Prophet, praise and peace beupon him, what is permissible or forbidden in respect of him. It alsonecessitates a deep knowledge of his Messengership and Prophethoodcoupled with the love, and intimate friendship and the extra special qualities ofhis superlative rank.Here one finds a vast desolate desert in which even the native bird becomesperplexed and unable to cross, and unknown places in which dreams, if theyare not guided by the direction of knowledge and clarity of thought, go astray. Itis a slippery slope where feet slip if they do not rely solely upon success andsupport from Allah. I have, however, great hopes of a reward for both of us inanswering your questions by exposing the tremendous value and superbcharacter together with the exceptional qualities of the Prophet, praise andpeace be upon him, all of which none of creation ever possessed.I quote now the saying of Allah defining his duties,
"So that those to whom the Book was given are certain and those who believe increase in belief." 
74:31.Those to whom Allah gave the Book were obligated by Him to clarify it to themasses and not to conceal it. To support this statement I quote the Prophetic
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