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Gate Architecture 2010 Part 1

Gate Architecture 2010 Part 1

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Published by arsaranya

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Published by: arsaranya on Aug 24, 2010
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GATE ARCHITECTURE2010Kavali.4shared.com
Gate 2010NotesPlanning
Explain with illustration, the baroque city-planning concept of monarchy andmonumentalismThe importance was laid upon both mass and spaceThe main features of Baroque planning were as follows:
GeometryExample : the shone brunn palace at Germany where sides of the trees were also choppedoff along the road to achieve the “axis” of the design.Illustrate any one of the best examples of residential sector planning in post independentnew towns of IndiaResidential sector in chandigarh
The basic planning unit of the city is a sector, 800 by 1200 metres with apopulation varying between 3,000 and 20,000, depending upon the size of theplots and the topography of the area
The dimensions of the sector are derived from a “modular” conception. Corbusierestablished a distance of 400 metres as a sort of outer limit of modular perceptiona distance beyond which measures could not be readily grasped.
Each sector is based on the concept of a neighbourhood unit which ensuresnecessities like shops, educational institutions, health centers, places of recreationand worship within a walkable distance
Introvert in character, a sector is bounded by fast-traffic roads running on its foursides and permitting only four vehicular entries into its interiorExplain with the help of sketches the hippodomian-planning conceptAdvocated the GRID IRON pattern of road layout.. This system was introduced torebuild the Greek cities, which were destructed by the Persian invasion. For laying outthe perpendicular roads, individual buildings were made the common denominator andthe functions of the buildings were given importance.Mention the key elements used for interpretation of Aerial photographs.
Aerial photographs cannot give details of inside the buildings; the true nature of activities carried out within cannot be ascertained.
Such information has to be obtained only through perception and inter-relationwith the shape, size and environmental factors of the building structures.
GATE ARCHITECTURE2010Kavali.4shared.com
This difficulty is particularly encountered in mixed land use area and hence, insuch instances remotely sensed information has to be intensively cross checkedwith ground information
Certain types of information such as about the health status, and age and sexstructure of population and similar other details have to be obtained through adetailed socio-economic survey in the filed.What do you understand by “sight distance” in a traffic flow? Write the expression for“ braking distance” of a vehicle on a roadwaySight distance from a point is the actual distance along the road surface, which a driverfrom a specified height above the carriageway has visibility of stationary or movingobjects. In other words, sight distance is the length of road visible ahead to the driver atany instanceBraking distance of a vehicle is the distance travelled by the vehicle after the applicationof the brakes, to a dead stop positionl = v
/ 2gf wherel = braking distance in metresv=speed of vehicle in metres / secf = design coefficient of friction = 0.4 to 0.35 dpending on speed, from 30 to 80 kmphg = acceleration due to gravity = 9.8 metres / sec
Explain the concept of “Eminent Domain” and “Police power” in relation to townplanning?
 Eminent domain -
by which the government can acquire any private property forthe sake of public welfare, public health and public safety
Police power -
by which the developmental authorities can control the nuisancesand the undue developments. Most of the developmental controls like buildingbye-laws and planning laws emanate from this police power.State the administrative procedures under the land acquisition act 1894 and the recentamendments to expedite the process of land acquisitionWhenever any government department or a public authority want to acquire any land,they must send their requisition proposal to the appropriate office of the government(normally designated as land acquisition collector – who is in every district and big cities)who will on behalf of the department or public authority, which needs the land, gothrough the various stages of the land acquisition procedure until he takes possession of the land and hands it over to the concerned department or the public authority.Explain the hierarchy of recreational open spaces in urban areas in terms of physical sizeand facility standardsCategory Populationper unitArea inhectaresFacility standardsTotlot 500 0.05 Paved area, playground apparatus
GATE ARCHITECTURE2010Kavali.4shared.com
area for small childrenChildren’s park 2000 0.2Neighbourhoodplayground1000 0.2Neighbourhood park 5000 0.8 Playground apparatus areas,landscaped areas, multiple-usepaved areasDistrict park 25,000 5.0 Facilities of neighbourhood park,tennis courts, football and lightingfor evening use, community center / recreation buildings and swimmingpoolRegional park 1,00,000 40.0 Water resource, camping, naturestudy picnickingDescribe the salient features of 73
constitutional amendment act of India, and its role inempowering grass root level organizations
There shall be constituted in every state panchayats at avillage, intermediate anddistrict level
To have proper representation of population in all areas, the ratio between thepopulation of a territorial area of a panchayat and the number of seats, which arefilled by election, shall be same throughout the state
Normally duration of panchayat is five years
The legislature of a state may endow the panchayat with such powers to enablethem to function as institutions of self government, subject to conditions, withrespect to prepaation and implementation of plans for economic development andsocial justice
Panchayats may be given powers to impose taxes, duties, tolls and fees subject tolimits
A finance commission may be constituted to review financial position of thepanchayatExplain the differences between formal and functional regionsA
Formal region
is geographical area which is uniform or homogeneous in terms of selected criteria. A formal region can be further defined as natural or economic formalregion depending upon the criteria used. A
 Natural formal region
is a formal regionbased on the criteria of topography, climate or vegetation. Criteria used arepredominantly physical, linked with the concept of geographical determinism.
 Economic formal regions
are generally based on types of industry or agriculture ( such as coalmining region, tea plantation region ) although there are obvious physical undertones
Functional region
is a geographical area, which displays certain functional coherence,inter-dependence, of parts, when defined on the basis of certain criteria. It is sometimesreferred to as a nodal or polarized region and is composed of heterogeneous units, such ascities, towns and villages, which are functionally inter-related.

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