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Runaway, Resentment and Royalt

Runaway, Resentment and Royalt

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Published by S.J.Whitfield
Three short stories I wrote....enjoy.
Three short stories I wrote....enjoy.

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Published by: S.J.Whitfield on Jun 26, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Runaway: word count: 539
Zeta’s lungs burned. She had been running for the past half-hour. Sweat glued her ash brown hair to her neck; tears poured from her icy blue eyes down her flushed cheeks.Blood flowed crimson from her bare feet. She stopped. She stood on the outskirts of the Blyr forest. Fear ebbed away as she padded tentatively across the grass.Bloodstained footprints trailed behind her. Her nostrils flared. She smelt water. Nosooner; she heard the trickle of a stream.She reached the bank of the stream and placed her aching feet into the water, sighingwith relief.“Excuse me.” A voice from behind startled her. She turned, to see a girl, around her age, with dark skin and black hair.“ Excuse me,” she repeated, “ but you’ve got your feet in our water.” Zeta lifted her feet out, mumbling apologies as she did so. The girl watched as she struggled to her feet. Zeta felt an arm steady her and she looked to the girl, confused.“My name is Zeta.” She whispered, looking at her feet. The girl looked Zeta in theeyes, “My name is Wyla,” she spoke confidently, and helped Zeta to walk. Walking,Zeta found out, had become a painful, arduous task. She walked, uncomplaining, her weight taken by Wyla. They stopped abruptly, Zeta shrieked in pain.“We’ve got company…” Wyla yelled, and, waving her hand to a place where Zetacould rest, started searching her camp. A boy appeared, with red hair, tanned skin, and barely visible freckles over the bridge of his nose. Wyla’s scolding was delivered with banshee like screaming. Zeta pulled her thoughts away from her feet, her attentionwas captured, by Wyla’s reaction and the words she was spitting furiously at him.“ You stupid boy…We could have been caught out! How would we get to Gora if yougot us captured? A slave girl, and a blacksmiths apprentice, travelling together, howwould that look? Quarn, how cou-“ she stopped, realising that Zeta was there,listening to every word. She turned her eyes wild with fear. Zeta looked away, her 
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ears burning, and muttered, “I’m sorry, I shouldn’t have been listening…” she trailedoff “ Where are you from, girl?” Wyla shot, her voice full of venom.“Paramija,” replied Zeta carefully,“That’s not far …Why are you in the Blyr?”“ I’m running…away.”“Why? And from whom?”“I’m trying to escape my father.” Zeta stood and pulled down the back of her dress,revealing purple scars. Wyla gasped, and Zeta continued, “ He almost killed me once.I needed to escape. I left my brother so I could be free…”Quarn spoke for the first time “ We’re headed for Gora! We’ll be walking. It’s 2weeks from here. You’re in no state for walking, but I have a horse…If you want to join us…” He left and started to fill the packs destined for the dappled grey horse,looking hopefully over his shoulder.Zeta sat in thought, contemplating her freedom. Quarn tapped her gently on theshoulder. She looked up, and saw the excitement welling in his emerald green eyes,“We’re leaving…Will you come with us?” Tears sprung, unwanted, into her eyes asshe looked down, and whispered “Yes.” 
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