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What to Pray on Laylat Al-Qadr

What to Pray on Laylat Al-Qadr

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What to pray on Laylat Al Qadr
What to pray on Laylat Al Qadr

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Published by: Mohammed Z A Shakeel on Aug 24, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Bismillahir Rahmanir Raheem
Laylat al qadr is the most excellent night of the whole year, it is better then a thousandmonths, one nights worship is equivalent to the worship of a life time. The night occurs duringone of the odd nights of the last ten days of Ramadan, most likely to be on the
thRamadan.The Most Beloved of ALLAH, Huzur Nabi
 Salla ALLAHu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam
said”People who won’t be able to benefit on this blessed night are listed as follows, unless thesepeople ask for forgiveness for their sins : Muslim enemies, people who don’t give zakaat andencourage people not to either, people who break relationships, laugh at the facts of the grave,people who back bite, being lazy to pray salaat, not talking to a muslim brother for more thanthree days, including haram, shirk, kufar, nazayess.”On this blessed night pray the follwoing: theQur’an al kareem,nafil salaat, tasbih, du’as,  astagfar, kalma-e tamjid,Surah ikhlas and plenty of  darood shareef as often as you can.  Whoever prays by heart “
 Laa elaahaa el-lal laahu Muham-madur rasulul-laah
” by prayingfirst time you will be clean of sins, praying second time you will be clear of hell, and prayingthird time you will be accepted in Paradise. It is quoted in the Hadith sharif that whoeverprays from the heart and with intention, will be forgiven for all their sins.Huzur Nabi-e-paak 
 Salla ALLAHu ta’ala ‘alayhi wa Sallam
said on the night of Laylat aI qadr you must pray this du’a as much as possible:
” ALLAAHUMMA INNAKA AFUWUN TUHIBBUL AFWA F-AFL’ ANNAA” (0 ALLAH, you are the one who grants pardon for sins, you love to pardon so pardon us)
” ASTAG FIRULLAA HULLAZI LAA-E-LAAHAA ILLAA HUWAL HAIYUL KAIYUM V-A-TUBU ILAIH” (I seek forgiveness from ALLAH, the Almighty, there is no god but He, He is the Self-existent, the eternal and I turn to Him)
 Whoever on this night recites :
”Innaa anzalnaahu fee lailatil qadr. Wa maa adraaka maalailatul qadr. LailatuI qadri khairum min alfi shahr. Tanazalul malaa ikatu varroohu feehaa bi-izni rabbihim min kulli amr. Salaamun heeyaa hattaa matlaeel fajr.” 
If they recite ”Innaa anzalnaahu” (above)
, or
, or
times at least, ALLAH
 Subhanahuwa Ta’ala
 will forgive that person’s sins, save them from all their troubles and ghosts, also70,000 angels will pray for that person to go to Jannat (Paradise).
Nafil Salaat :
* Pray four rakats nafil salaat, in every rakat after SURAH FATEHA (ALHAMDU LILLAHI)recite SURAH QADR (INNA ANZALNAHU) three times, and SURAH IKHLAS seven times,this will decrease the pains and agonies of death, and will protect you from the torments of thegrave.

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