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4678040 Video Glossary

4678040 Video Glossary

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Published by nurtenatam

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Published by: nurtenatam on Aug 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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video terms and acronyms
This Glossary of Video Terms and Acronyms is a compilation of material gathered over time from numer-ous sources. It is provided "as-is" and in good faith, without any warranty as to the accuracy or currencyof any definition or other information contained herein. Please contact Tektronix if you believe that any ofthe included material violates any proprietary rights of other parties.
 Video Terms and Acronyms
The reference point of horizontal sync.Synchronization at a videointerface is achieved by associating a line sync datum,0H,with everyscan line.In analog video,sync is conveyed by voltage levels “blacker-than-black”.0H is defined by the 50% point of the leading (or falling)edge of sync.In component digital video,sync is conveyed using digitalcodes 0 and 255 outside the range of the picture information.
0V –
The reference point of vertical (field) sync.In both NTSC and PALsystems the normal sync pulse for a horizontal line is 4.7 µs.Vertical syncis identified by broad pulses,which are serrated in order for a receiver tomaintain horizontal sync even during the vertical sync interval.The startof the first broad pulse identifies the field sync datum,0
1/4”Phone –
 A connector used in audio production that is characterizedby its single shaft with locking tip.
1/8th Mini –
 A small audio connector used frequently in consumerelectronics.
1:1 –
Either a perfectly square (9:9) aspect ratio or the field:frame ratioof progressive scanning.
100 Field Per Second –
Field rate of some European proposals for aworld standard for ATV (Advanced Television).
100% Amplitude,100% Saturation –
Common reference for100/7.5/100/7.5 NTSC color bars.
100/0/75/7.5 –
Short form for color bar signal levels,usually describingfour amplitude levels.1st number:white amplitude2nd number:black amplitude3rd number:white amplitude from which color bars are derived4th number:black amplitude from which color bars are derivedIn this example:75% color bars with 7.5% setup in which the white barhas been set to 100% and the black to 0%.
1080i –
1080 lines of interlaced video (540 lines per field).Usually refersto 1920 x 1080 resolution in 1.78 aspect ratio.
1080p –
1080 lines of progressive video (1080 lines per frame).Usuallyrefers to 1920 x 1080 resolution in 1.78 aspect ratio.
12.5T Sine-Squared Pulse with 3.579545 MHz Modulation –
Conventional chrominance-to-luminance gain and delay measurementsare based on analysis of the baseline of a modulated 12.5T pulse.Thispulse is made up of a sine-squared luminance pulse and a chrominancepacket with a sine-squared envelope as shown in the figure below.Thiswaveform has many advantages.First it allows for the evaluation of bothgain and delay differences with a single signal.It also eliminates theneed to separately establish a low-frequency amplitude reference witha white bar.Since a low-frequency reference pulse is present alongwith the high-frequency information,the amplitude of the pulse itselfcan be normalized.The HAD of 12.5T was chosen in order to occupythe chrominance bandwidth of NTSC as fully as possible and to producea pulse with sufficient sensitivity to delay distortion.
125M –
See SMPTE 125M.
1410 NTSC Test Signal Generator –
Discontinued analog circuit basedTektronix test signal generator that is used to generate full field compositeanalog test signals.Has been replaced by the Tektronix TSG-170A.
1450 Demodulator –
Tektronix high quality demodulator that providesenvelope and synchronous demodulation.
1480 Waveform Monitor –
Discontinued Tektronix waveform monitor.It has been replaced by the 1780R.
16 QAM – (16 Quadrature Amplitude Modulation)16 VSB –
Vestigial sideband modulation with 16 discrete amplitude levels.
16 x 9 –
 A widescreen television format in which the aspect ratio of thescreen is 16 units wide by 9 high as opposed to the 4 x 3 of normal TV.
1780R Waveform Monitor/Vectorscope –
Tektronix microprocessorcontrolled combination waveform monitor and vectorscope.
1910 Digital Generator/Inserter –
Tektronix VITS test signal generator.
1-H –
Horizontal scan line interval,usually 64 µs for PAL or 63.5 µsfor NTSC.
2:1 –
Either an aspect ratio twice as wide as it is high (18:9) or thefield:frame ratio of interlaced scanning.
2:2 Pull-Down –
The process of transferring 24-frames/sec film formatinto video by repeating each frame as two video fields.
2:3 Pull-Down –
See Pull-Down.
2-1/2D (Two and One-Half Dimensions) –
This term refers to the kindof dimensionality (i.e.,2D,3D) that can be created using multiplane anima-tion.Since a layer in such animation can lie in front of one cel (or plane),or in back of another layer,the resulting effect is of a 3 dimensional world.This is a limited 3D world,however,because the layers are fixed in relationto each other.For this reason,multiplane animation is referred to as 2-1/2dimensions.It is a very useful technique,however,even for computergraphics,because by ordering the layers in the way a painter does,you
s01MOD 12.5T PULSE3.12
     B     O     T     H     C     O     M     P     O     N     E     N     T     S     A     D     D     E     D

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