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Dangerous Living

Dangerous Living

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Published by Shade Law
A day in the life of a Business woman in a corrupt environment of greed, just trying to live in Peace and do right by my Neighbors and the "Establishment," but alas the establishment is too busy being rude and intimidating.
A day in the life of a Business woman in a corrupt environment of greed, just trying to live in Peace and do right by my Neighbors and the "Establishment," but alas the establishment is too busy being rude and intimidating.

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Published by: Shade Law on Aug 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Dangerous Living 
Santiago Estates Management Loves Crime's Money, Hates ResidentsThe great embarrassment to not only theRiverside California, are Mobile Home parks that are here in Riverside that robfolks of their dignity, peace of mind, andquality of life. Pitting Neighbor against Neighbor, the sane against the insane, andGreed over care. Sounds like our Government heh???? Well it is sort of,check this out folks and lets reason thisout together..... Who lives in MobileHomes? Senior Citizens and a varietyspectrum’s of lower income.Let's look at the spectrum’s of lower income first ok? Generally in CaliforniaSSI and SDI (Social Security and or StateDisability) breaks down to $500 to $800a month if it includes the generous$12.00 that Arnold Swartzenager isgiving per month for those receiving SDIthen, hot-dang, your bottom-line is up afew bucks. Average Rent Space (because YOU don't own the Land) is between $500 to $1,200 per month..... Oh~Oh, your now at a deficit. Sooooo, if YOUR at a deficit, your “owner” is really going todo whatever it takes to keep the Mercedes in sunny Palm Springs, La Jollia, or Orange County. Now if you saw the Video of Feed The Fire over at Striking Concept Videos at Blogger, you know this is allabout “style of living.” Identity, status, and YOUR quality of life isn't important here to theGovernment or the Management who runs structures like this.How does the income ratio stay at say $43,000.00 per month, that would be taking the Average cost of Rent Space $500.00 x, oh heck lets say 86 Mobile Homes... When you do the Math that would =$43,000.00. Now if you have a few of these investments plus a good Stock Portfolio, and are liquid inassets as well investing in the standard safe investments... your ok and can ride out most anything.Being wise also helps. Where these guys blow it is in their Management and a corruptible Board of Directors and or Mobile Home Committees. County by County Living expenses don't help either,Riverside is reasonable and wishes to remain so, Orange County for instance is very expensive to livein and operate from, so the clash of the “life styles” will present themselves, and the response is “noyou can't.... EVER.” If your living on or below the poverty line this is stressful, now lets add“Dangerous Living.”
SUPPRISE MOM! We got Drug Dealers in OUR Park! Now your Neighbors up the way are now very confused asto why your no longer a happy camper at your end of thiscommunity. Who is being “paid off” here in this situation,when it is Management direct responsibility to... A)approve background checks and or B) Access and updatethe quality of the residents residing in said property? Wellhow is that done Shade without “profiling?” Quitehonestly look at the property, if there is a window thatlooks like a take out restaurant, that's a BIG clue that itisn't hamburgers flying out of said window. I think that is a bit more important than weeds (although being in California weeds are dangerous, so those of youworking your buts off, get as much help as you can from OUTSIDE cause you will not be helped fromthe inside). I say this because it's “their job” to NOT help anyone, why? Oh good Lord Readers,common.... how many times have I said “follow the money.” Ahhhhhh yes; and then there is still thatlittle problem of “How you treat the least of me is how you treat me.” But let's not go there we don'twant to upset Christians who are still thinking that they are Christians.Here is why, for the sheer reason that we all have a “price” and it's up to the Owner, Management, andcrooked Board Members to try to determine that “price.” If he can, YOU LOOSE! Or does he, if your integrity can hold out let's see what happens. Let's start with tools to screw back.... Rent Control. Scaryword huh? Yes the Government still pisses the biggest stream to where even Owners and Managementand corruptible appendages in the form of a committee still shiver. I'm giving you some tools, here'swhy, this Video that you Viewed was not going on the Site. I made it for my own release, however Iwas lead to give it to the Board here where I live.Why? Because it's time to wake up! Time to be ethical in unethical times! Time to come together and protect and care about each other and clean up our streets from Drugs, Dangerous Living, and insidiouscorruptible men who are greedy and or whipped into submission men of no character. This would havenever come into the light of day had it not been for the fact that.Readers, you know I have always leveled with you. I haven't paidmy taxes cause my income plummeted. I have been under the wireand just need two more months for my Corporate Account to hit.God Bless our Clients big and small. It's how I pay my electric bill,or get food, or cigarettes, not much ~ just some stuff to stay at Peaceand do the work I do on-line. Sometimes my Business Partner keepsme in cigarets or electric bill, cause she knows I work my butt off,and she knows I want to do things right, even by the government. Not much, doesn’t take much to keep me happy, waking up andseeing that my Roommate is still alive is a Blessing, she's quite illand I am the main Caretaker here. Waking up and seeing I can walk and do not need a wheelchair is GOOD, because I have MultipleSclerosis, and am one of the folks getting Arnold Swartzenager $12.00 a month for SDI.

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