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Oxford Six Class Science Notes

Oxford Six Class Science Notes

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Published by Lisha
Pakistani syllabus, Oxford level six class Science Notes, Questions & Answers of 11 Units,
Complete Notes of oxford Science 6 Class.
Pakistani syllabus, Oxford level six class Science Notes, Questions & Answers of 11 Units,
Complete Notes of oxford Science 6 Class.

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Published by: Lisha on Aug 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Unit 1 Introduction of Science
1. What is science?
The study of the things and events that take place around us is called science.
2. Who is scientist?
A person who studies science is called scientist.
3. What is laboratory?
A laboratory is a place where a scientist works and uses many instrument.
4. How does a scientist find answers to problems?
A scientist tries to find answers to by performing experiments and collecting moreinformation then he or she write down the result and draws conclusion from them.
Unit 2 Living Things
1. What is biology?
The study of living things is called biology.
2. What is an organism?
An organism is a living thing.
3. Describe the structure of a cell?
The structure of a cell,A cell is consists of a cell membrane, Cytoplasm, vacuole and nucleus etc.
4. What is the function of the nucleus in a cell?
 Nucleus is a control center of a cell. It controls the whole working of a cell.
 Science Notes Six Class Q&A
5. How do green plants make their food?
Green plants make their food by a process, called photosynthesis. In this process,they take light from the sun, carbon dioxide from the air, and water from the soiland chlorophyll which is present in their leaves, to make their food.
6. What is respiration?
It is a process by which we take oxygen from the air. This oxygen combines withfood and produces the energy. Carbon dioxide is produced during this process.
7. What is excretion?
The process by which waste and poisonous materials are removed from the body iscalled excretion.
Unit 3 water
1. What is composition of water? Write its chemicalformula?
Water is the made up of two gases, oxygen, and hydrogen. Its chemical formula isH2O.
2. Why can fish and other water animals and plantsbreathe in water?
Because fresh water contains dissolved oxygen which water animal breath.
3. Define the term melting, boiling, evaporation,condensation, freezing.
The temperature at which things melt is called melting.
The temperature at which liquid things boil is called boiling point.
When water is heated, it changes into water vapors. This is called evaporation.
In this process, steam changes into liquid water.
 Science Notes Six Class Q&A
When water is cooled, it freezes into form of ice. This is called freezing.
4. How can you find out whether a sample of water is pureor not?
Pure water boils at 100C. If there are some impurities in water, it will boil at hightemperature than 100C.
5. What is hard water?
If water contains some impurities then it is called hard water.
6. What is the hardness of water due to?
The hardness of water is due to some chemicals that get. Dissolved in rain water when it falls.
7. What are the properties of pure water?
Pure water has no colour.
It freezes at 0
It boils at 100
It is a bad conductor of electricity.
It is a very good solvent.
8. What are some of the common impurities in water?
Water contains many impurities such as mud, sand, Bacteria, mineral salt andremains of dead plant and animals.
9. How can water be purified in the laboratory?
In the laboratory, water can be purified by a process called distillation.
10. Write three ways in which water become polluted?
Causes of water pollution.
Dirty water from houses and farms.
Waste liquid from factories.
 Science Notes Six Class Q&A

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