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Coats & Schauberger - Nature as Teacher - New Principles in the Working of Nature (1998)

Coats & Schauberger - Nature as Teacher - New Principles in the Working of Nature (1998)

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Published by mbooboo

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Published by: mbooboo on Aug 25, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 Introduction by Callum Coats viiSources xiOUR SENSELESS TOIL (1933) 1The Achievements of the Twentieth Century 1Progress through Transformation of the Atom - Not its Destruction! 6The Disrupted Cycle - The Cause of the Crisis 6Nature Protects Herself 8The Laws of Nature 9Nature's Rhythmical Processes 10Nature Operates only Indirectly 11Questions for Science 11The Error of Civilisation 13The Road to Free Energy 14Concerning Micro-Organisms 15Water in Ritual, in Life and in Medicine 20Our Senseless Toil - Conclusion 22Let the Upheaval Begin! 29NATURE AS TEACHER 33Nature as Teacher 33The Odsee Rumbles 34The Fish-Eagle 35The Swing 36The Trout 38The Ox 41Dancing Logs and Stones 43The Interchange of Substances in Nature 46THE FIRST ECOTECHNICAL PRACTICE 49The First Ecotechnical Practice 49Experience is only Gained the Hard Way 57The Winding Way to Wisdom 61Excommunication - and Little Wandering Springs 64Return to Culture 70
THE GENESIS OF WATER 79The Genesis of Water 79The Increase in Ur-Production 87Temperature and the Movement of Water 89Flowing Biomagnetism 92The Dethronement of Science 98Water - An Enigma whose Solution is as Far Away as the Stars 104The Shattering of Quality 106The Energetic Phenomenon above the Zone of Air 108World Domination through the Destruction of Quality 109The Repulsator and the Superabundance of Food 110ON ENERGY, EGGS AND NATURAL MOTION 113Our Motion is Wrong 113The Coming Bio-Ecotechnical Age 119Movement and Forms 122Bio-Ecological Technology 123The Age-Old Secret of the Atom 124The Implosive Process of Breathing 129Secret of the Atom - Conclusion 131Life-Force and Animating Energies 132The Mechanical Generation of Life-Force 136Is There Perpetual Motion? 140The Motion of the Earth - The Cause of Radiation - The Resurrection of Life 145The Secret of the Egg-Form 148ORGANIC SYNTHESES 153Organic Syntheses 153The False World View 154Growth and Seed Production as the Natural Goal of Evolution 156Formative and Destructive Syntheses 157False and Faulty Management 159The Mechanical Equivalent of Heat 160Knowledge and Science 161Naturalesque Activity 162Goethe as Biologist 162The Creation of Impulsion and Expulsion through Cycloid Motion 163Physics and Metaphysics 164The Most Iniquitous Deception 166The Birth of Basic Elements and Subtle Matter 167The Group of Metaphysical Pressural Elements 169The Group of Metaphysical Tractive or Suctional Elements 169A General Explanation of 'Plasmolytic Motion' 171Organic Syntheses - Conclusion 174Index . 178

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