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Kayla Johnson Kgirljohnson on Twitter

Kayla Johnson Kgirljohnson on Twitter

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Published by kgirlj79

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Published by: kgirlj79 on Aug 26, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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That's you!
1.@BAMinvestorTick Tock, Tick Tock, Tick Tock. Times running out champ. 3 trading days in August remain. Only$90 off so far.about 1 hour agovia web Delete2.
 $AAPL--No change in forecast. We have a 155 target asearly as July oras late as August 2010, and a 45 target intothe Fall of 2011.July 1, 2010 2:44:41 PM EDTvia web Retweeted by youReplyRetweeted (Undo)3.$AAPL working well. dont wear an anchor to a pool partykids!about 2 hours agoviaStockTwits Web Delete4.@BAMinvestorGuess u cant read.http://stk.ly/aebaLy Yesterday 1:18 $AAPL was at 238.70 $$ You'd be fading 6points underwater right now lolabout 2 hours agovia webin reply to BAMinvestor
Delete5.For my favorite Doom and Gloomer! lolhttp://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Tp9XUb6L_iY about 7hours agovia webDelete6.@BAMinvestordont ya just hate it when a red headedclown proves you wrong?http://bit.ly/7dWdjpstick aroundfor a while maybe you'll learnabout 21 hours agovia webin reply to BAMinvestorDelete7.@ justmegregoryI guess I bring out the best in people ;)about 21 hours agovia webin reply to justmegregoryDelete8.@SuperTradeTimerbuying $AAPL and selling $AAPLputs in 2008/2009 helped to pay for my house so Iremember 2008/2009 quite well ;)about 22 hours agoviawebin reply to SuperTradeTimerDelete9.@SuperTradeTimerclearly you just dont like hearing howmuch Im profiting from AAPL in this environment. Whydont you block me? Simple!about 22 hours agovia webin reply to SuperTradeTimerDelete10.@supertradetimernot sure what you're on about I justposted I took profits on a trade & that $AAPL does pay adividend lol what u drinking?about 22 hours agoviaStockTwits WebDelete11.@supertradetimer$AAPL would have to go back to $167for me to lower my cost avg, but Ive been raking inpremium weekly for the past year!about 22 hours agoviaStockTwits WebDelete12.@supertradetimerlol, why dont you spend an hour andread through ALL my tweets on my $AAPL buys and sellsand then get back to meabout 22 hours agoviaStockTwits WebDelete13.Not sure about all these people who say $AAPL doesnt paya dividend, I've been getting a cash dividend on my sharesevery few weeks lolabout 22 hours agoviaStockTwits
WebDelete14.@TrendRidaThanks! ;) Would love to see $AAPL shootback up to where it should be but we gotta play the#marketwe got not the one we wantabout 23 hours agovia webin reply to TrendRidaDelete15.BTC 4 $AAPL Oct 280 calls I had STO @ 7.05http://stk.ly/cUyTj2for 1.40 profit $2260about 23 hoursagoviaStockTwits WebDelete16.@BUMinvestorThanks, sounds good, although I've neverbeen a fan of using gold as a hedge myself. Good luckAugust 25, 2010 9:09:43 AM EDTvia webin reply toBUMinvestorDelete17.@BUMinvestorHow are you handling downside risk?August 25, 2010 8:15:23 AM EDTvia webin reply toBUMinvestorDelete18.@BUMinvestorwill these eventually be $AAPL spreads?That's a lot of coin?August 25, 2010 7:53:41 AM EDTviawebin reply to BUMinvestorDelete19.RT @BUMinvestorWe also initiated the followingposition sold to open 10 Jan 210 puts at average price$10.90 Will build up to 50 $AAPL $$August 25, 20107:50:51 AM EDTviaStockTwits WebDelete20.@BenzC350thx ;)August 24, 2010 11:30:22 AM EDTvia webin reply to BenzC350Delete21.@Mark_LexusThanks They all have so far ;) looking forcontinued successAugust 24, 2010 10:51:47 AM EDTviawebin reply to Mark_LexusDelete22.@BAMinvestorlet me guess you're divorced or single.You're misogynistic attitude reeks.August 24, 201010:42:14 AM EDTvia webin reply to BAMinvestorDelete23.

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