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She Recognized Me Pt 2

She Recognized Me Pt 2

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Published by fadeoutflashback
Part 2 to this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/36490216/She-Recognized-Me-Pt-1
Part 2 to this: http://www.scribd.com/doc/36490216/She-Recognized-Me-Pt-1

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Published by: fadeoutflashback on Aug 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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To say I was nervous was an understatement. I kept playing with the rug under myfingers and looking around. Dave could tell I was nervous and lightly touched my hand.³Look, if you don¶t wanna do it, it¶s ok,´ he said delicately.³No, I do« I think,´ I said. Of course I had to do it, I will probably never have thischance again. Plus, everyone else is going to be doing it and I¶m not feeling left out.³Have you never smoked pot before?´ He asked bluntly.³Oh, well I have,´ I said meekly, ³but it never ended well. All my friends gave me heavyshit and I would get so high I would black out.´He held up the green bowl in front of his eyes. ³This is the Hitcher. Except I promise he¶snot going to rape you. We just call him that because when you smoke it looks like you¶ve got a big green thumb.´ Dave laughed. Clearly he was trying to calm me down, and it was working.Slowly.³It¶s not heavy shit,´ he said, ³I promise.´ I looked from the bowl to Dave.³Alright, fine. I trust you,´ I said, still fumbling with the rug. It¶s not that I was anti-weed, I was just anti-body high. I was about to explain to Dave about the time I almost fell downa flight of stairs because I couldn¶t feel my legs, but I decided against it.³Here, I have an idea,´ Dave said. I didn¶t know what he was about to do and the look inhis eyes made me even more worried. He put the bowl to his mouth, lit it, and closed his eyesand inhaled.He pulled the bowl from his mouth and leaned in close to me. He placed one handtenderly behind my head and pulled me closer. His lips met mine, and they opened. I inhaled assmoke poured into my mouth, pushed forward by his tongue. Our lips closed and a small trail of smoke followed as he pulled away slowly.After a few seconds I let the smoke slowly pour out my mouth. I turned to Dave to findhim smiling wide. I couldn¶t figure out if he was already high or if it was something else.³What¶cha think of that?´ He asked. I smiled.³Well, I like it, but I don¶t think I quite understand the technique. Perhaps we can tryagain?´ I bit my lip and Dave laughed. He put the green piece back to his mouth and lit it. Heinhaled deeper this time before pulling me closer. Not just my head this time, but my whole body.I was pressed against him, sitting on that ridiculous rug, smoke pouring out of his openmouth and into mine. I inhaled slowly so I wouldn¶t run out of air, because I didn¶t want to part
with him just yet. But I finally ran out of air and had to pull away. Smoke seeped out of thecorner of my mouth and I smiled.Dave took one look at me and started laughing. Hard. I had no idea what he was laughingat, btu I figured at this point it didn¶t matter. Because then I started laughing.Within seconds, we were a quivering heap of laughter on the floor. We were laughing sohard that we didn¶t even hear the door open.³Get a room you two,´ a voice said. We turned over and saw Cassie, linked arms withnone other than Julian Barratt, and the smaller of the Fielding brothers, Mike.³Sorry,´ Dave squeaked out.³You could¶ve at least waited,´ said Mike and scooped down to pick up the bowl. He plopped down on the couch and took a hit. The bowl passed around a few times and we all became a heap of giggles.But, suddenly I stopped. I sat up straight and looked around. Dave worriedly touched myarm.³You OK love?´ he asked.³It all depends«´ I said. I didn¶t want to scare them, but I was nervous. Everyonequieted down. Outside the door, we could hear Noel talking and a woman laughing. But to me, itwasn¶t any normal laughter. It was a high cackle that went straight through to your bones.³No, no way. That¶s not her,´ I said.³Who?´ everyone seemed to ask.³No« no no no« it can¶t be«. I¶m too high, too happy for this«´ Dave sat up and putan arom around me, rubbing my back.³Hey, just relax alright, I¶m sure²´ but he was cut-off by Noel crashing through thedoor. Right behind him was a cackling girl with short black hair and dolled up in electro gear.My heart sank.³Shit.´ I said. She looked up and met eyes with me.³What the fuck are you doing here??´ She shrieked.³What are
doing here?´ I asked.³What¶s going on?´ Dave asked.³It¶s an old room-mate,´ Cassie whispered. ³And old,

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