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Published by xxaybee

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Published by: xxaybee on Aug 27, 2010
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© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 20091121i (Design date 11/09) - Page 1
 About this form
This information form lists the skilled occupations which areacceptable for permanent and temporary skilled migration to Australia under 2separate categories:
General Skilled Migration; andthe Employer Nomination Scheme.
Occupations are listed alphabetically in accordance with thefirst 4 major occupational groups in the Australian StandardClassification of Occupations (ASCO) dictionary:Managers and Administrators;Professionals;Associate Professionals; andTradespersons and Related Workers.The ASCO dictionary is available from the Australian Bureauof Statistics website www.abs.gov.auFor each occupation the list shows:the name of the occupation;the ASCO code of the occupation;the relevant skills/qualifications assessing authority for theoccupation;whether the occupation is included on the SOL for GeneralSkilled Migration, (Y for yes, N for no);the number of points for skill allocated for the occupationin the points test (General Skilled Migration only); andwhether the occupation is on the ENSOL the Employer Nomination Scheme (Y for yes, N for no).
General Skilled Migration
Skilled Occupation List (SOL)
If you intend to apply under General Skilled Migration youmust have a nominated occupation which is on the SOL atthe time you apply.
Offshore General Skilled
 – (a General Skilled Migration visa which can only be granted while you are outside Australia) at the time you lodge your application you mustprovide evidence that you have obtained an assessment froma relevant assessing authority that your skills are suitable for  your nominated occupation.
Onshore General Skilled
 – (a General Skilled Migration visa which can only be granted while you are in Australia) youmust make a declaration that you have applied for a skillsassessment from a relevant assessing authority for your nominated occupation at the time you lodge your application.For further information on the requirements for GeneralSkilled Migration, see the department’s website
Employer Nomination Scheme
Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List (ENSOL)
If you are applying under the Employer Nomination Scheme, you must have been nominated by an Australian employer tofill a position in an occupation that appears in the ENSOL. You must also demonstrate that you have the necessary skillsand qualifications to fill the position for which you have beennominated. You can demonstrate this by:working in Australia in the occupation for which you arebeing nominated for 2 years prior to applying for your ENS visa (including at least the last 12 months with your nominating employer);
have your skills and qualifications assessed as equivalent tothe Australian standard by the appropriate assessmentauthority and, unless exceptional circumstances apply, have3 years post-qualification experience in the occupation;
be nominated for a position which attracts a base salary of at least the salary specified by Gazette Notice for highly paid executive positions. The current minimum salary levelis available at
 www.immi.gov.au/skilled/skilled- workers/ens/eligibility.htm
If you wish to demonstrate that you have the necessary skillsby obtaining a skills assessment from the assessmentauthority listed for your occupation on this form (ie. option 2above), then you must obtain this skills assessment
 you lodge your visa application and you must provide it tothe department
at the time you lodge
 your visa application.If you are applying under the
Employer NominationScheme,
and you are required to hold a licence or registration of any kind in order to work in Australia in your occupation, you can provide evidence that you are eligible tounconditionally hold that licence or registration with your visaapplication
instead of 
providing a skills assessment from theassessing authority listed on this form.
Skilled Occupation List (SOL)andEmployer Nomination SchemeOccupation List (ENSOL)
This form contains the Skilled Occupation List (SOL) and the Employer Nomination Scheme Occupation List(ENSOL), and includes details of the relevant assessing authorities for each occupation. The information contained inthis form was correct at the time of printing, however it is subject to change at any time and so before you apply for  your visa, you should check the latest version of the SOL/ENSOL, available on the Department of Immigration andCitizenship (the department) website www.immi.gov.au/asri/ 
© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 20091121i (Design date 11/09) - Page 2
If you are applying under the
Employer NominationScheme
and you have been nominated to fill a senior academic or scientific research position by an Australianuniversity or the Commonwealth Scientific and IndustrialResearch Organisation (CSIRO), you will
need to have your skills assessed by an assessing authority listed on thisform.If you are applying under the
Employer NominationScheme
and the assessing authority for your occupation islisted as TRA (Trades Recognition Australia),
thedepartment will also accept a skills assessment fromthe Department of Industrial Relations in the state or territory where you will be working.
For further information on the requirements of the Employer Nomination Scheme, see the department’s website
or read booklet 5,
 Employer  Sponsored Migration
, which is available from the website or from any office of the department.
 Assessing authorities
The assessing authorities are responsible for undertakingskills assessments for migration purposes and are
employment agencies. The assessing authorities will not reply to requests for job placement. You must contact a relevant assessing authority directly toobtain a skills assessment. They will provide all necessary applications forms and associated information relating to theassessment. There will be a charge for the assessment. Thecontact details for assessing authorities are listed onpages15–17 of this form. An overview of the processing guidelines of some assessingauthorities is provided on pages 18–24. Information onprocessing guidelines is intended as a guide only and themost up to date information can be obtained from therelevant assessing authority.
 Home page
General  enquiry line
131 881
during business hoursin Australia to speak to an operator (recordedinformation available outside these hours).If you are outside Australia, please contactyour nearest Australian mission.
© COMMONWEALTH OF AUSTRALIA, 20091121i (Design date 11/09) - Page 3
Child Care Co-ordinator1295-11Y60TRAYCompany Secretary1212-11Y50VETASSESSYConstruction Project Manager1191-11Y50VETASSESSYDirector of Nursing1292-11Y60ANMCYEducation Managers (nec)1293-79Y50VETASSESSYEngineering Manager1221-11Y60Engineers Australia/AIMYEnvironment, Parks and Land Care Manager1299-17Y50VETASSESSYFinance Manager1211-11Y60CPAA/ICAA/NIAYGeneral Manager1112-11Y60AIMYHuman Resource Manager1213-11Y60AIMYInformation Technology Manager1224-11Y60ACSYLaboratory Manager1299-13Y50VETASSESSYMedical Administrator1292-13Y50VETASSESSYPolicy And Planning Manager1291-11Y50VETASSESSYProduction Manager (Manufacturing)1222-11Y50VETASSESSYProduction Manager (Mining)1222-13Y50VETASSESSYProject Builder1191-13Y50VETASSESSYRegional Education Manager1293-15Y50VETASSESSYResearch and Development Manager1299-11Y50VETASSESSYSales and Marketing Manager1231-11Y60AIMYSports Administrator1299-19Y50VETASSESSYSupply and Distribution Manager1223-11Y60AIMYWelfare Centre Manager1299-15Y50VETASSESSY
1. Managers and administrators
 Artistic Director1296-13NN/AVETASSESSYCommissioned Defence Force Officer1294-11NN/AVETASSESSYCommissioned Fire Officer1294-13NN/AVETASSESSYCommissioned Police Officer1294-15NN/AVETASSESSYFaculty Head1293-13NN/AVETASSESSYImporter or Exporter1192-11NN/AVETASSESSYManufacturer1193-11NN/AVETASSESSYMedia Producer1296-11NN/AVETASSESSYSchool Principal1293-11NN/AVETASSESSYSpecialist Managers (nec)1299-79NN/AVETASSESSYWholesaler1192-13NN/AVETASSESSY
(Employer Nomination Scheme only) 
Codefor SkillAuthority
In addition, the following
Manager and Administrator
occupations may be nominated under the Employer Nomination Scheme but
under theGeneral Skilled Migration categories.
nec – not elsewhere classified
OccupationASCOSOLPointsAssessingENSOL(General Skilled Migration and Employer Nomination Scheme)Codefor SkillAuthority

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