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The Boar: Volume 32, Issue 14

The Boar: Volume 32, Issue 14

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Published by Ben Firshman

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Published by: Ben Firshman on Aug 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial Share Alike


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 Wih a campus hos o over 120 na-ionaliies, Warwick sudens willmainain divided loyalies duringhis World Cup.
 Accordng o ac rom Sdn’ Unon, mo am parc-pang n  ornamn ar ky ond a ppor a n Warck’nrnaona commny.Ony Paragay, Urgay, Hon-dra, Nor Kora and Agra no av a conngn o pporr n  B. camp p,  Dry Dck,a n dcorad   ago a  am parcpang n  Word Cp, aog Engand agrman n promnn poon.Car Frznr, a cond-yarManagmn dn,  Nor-gan, Grk and Mxcan,    prmary pporng Mxco. Sagd: “a’  n o ngnrnaona, I can pck and coo o o ppor. My am aay n.”Gar Gg, carryng a Frncag and porng a ac-pan copy on  ck drng  am’ macagan Urgay on Frday, a n-cran o  conry’ propc.“I’  convncd  y n mac,”  commnd a a m.For dn o conry ddno qay or  yar’ orna-mn,  dcon o ppor an-or conry can com don o pr-ona xprnc. Dan, a ScncCompng PD dn, ad: “I’m W,  I’d q k So Arcao n,” avng ravd r on gap yar. W, Lnda, a Sco dn, a crng or Franc a r “adop-d conry” ca  ad pnom m dyng n  conry.Crrn aar av vn n-ncd om dn’ aaon. An-dr Frgon, a Mamac PDdn, ad  od  roong oranyon   USA ar PrdnBarack Oama’ rcn andng o Br Prom and  o pdar n  G o Mxco.Many dn xprd rdr o  an Arcan conry do , n a ornamn od on aconnn. Warck’ vard aganc ar  rprnd n  Sdn’ Un-on aaca am. Iaac Non Acqa, Commncaon Ocr,   pporng Gana,  Ax , Spor Ocr,  mananda oya or Engand and Nrand. Y, Acqa or a prom,a Gana cod ac Engand n cond rond. “My concrn  a Gana n, I’  pc nmy nmr on,” jokd Acqa.o nvn  ornamn, omdn ar rnng o cary p-ak or ng. Sdn’ Unon av a car-y poo r mpoy conr- a ma amon o mony o p nam o a Word Cp am oo a a. Acqa pckd Sra, aam n Gana’ grop,  agd,“ m I’m okay  ong mony.”Ry oma, a rd-yar ory dn, a p mony on a Span-Braz na  Davd Va a ovraop corr, aog   pporEngand.Or dn av con oppor  ong o. Jan W-am pacd a £10  on ndrdog,N Zaand. W odd o 2000/1,  od  cky rcpn o £20,000  N Zaand r o p ogr a WordCp nnng rak. Wam com-mnd: “I y n, I’  ag-ng.”
Russell Group: ‘We want to set our own ees’
 James AppleonThe debae over poenial rises inuiion fees in Briish universiiesshows no signs of abaing afer heRussell Group appealed las monho he Browne review for insiu-ions o be allowed o se heir ownfees.
 grop, c rprn 20 rarc non ncdng Unvry o Warck, a r-pord a ayng n  appa a  od   “ony va and ar ay o cr  r o  UK’ ord-ca gr dcaon ym”.y acknodg a  od avo  macd y an ncra n granand rar and mor normaonao cor od  provdd opona dn.Camrdg Unvry, n  onpara mon o  rv no  r o gr dcaonndng, ad a  ora n  co o acng an n-drgrada and  amon  n- vry rcv amon o arond£9,000 pr dn. I arg a andng n  acadmc ord can-no  manand o rrncom. commn dr an mmda acka rom promnn organa-on. Aaron Porr, Prdn-Eco  Naona Unon o Sdn,argd a c a cang odav dn  “morgag-yd”   Unvry and Co-g Unon ad  od  “ morgrv pc o dcaon pocy nc  cond ord ar” and g-gd a n  mad o makmor o a conron.o conncd   gropnon cam o n dnco  dmand. Drcor-Gnra Wndy Pa ad: “Grada conr- on od  ncrad o rrc  condra prva n- c grada gan rom grdcaon. Evdnc o a npop ar akd o conr vn anomna amon oard  co o a rvc, y nd o va a rv-c mor gy.”Unvry o Warck pokmanPr Dnn nod a  n-on od  ang or  ro  Bron rpor or makngoca commn on any  r. Hdd ovr no a  a “car ovryon a nvr nd morndng and ppor”, d o  “g-ncan c” propod: “Unvr-  av o condr ookng a dn conron o ndng.Rpondng o concrn ao c  r cod av on acco nvry o poorr dn, MrDnn ao ad: “ Unvry a-rady  ad ovr a qarr o dn  ncom pccay op o  -o dn and  ad a poron o any n  n-com or c rary ppor.”“I no a Rcard Lamr’commn ao ca on nvro ppor o poorr dn,” addd, makng rrnc o  Warck Cancor’ commn a yar n ppor o  r.La k,  Unvr Mn-r Davd W od 
 a nvry  r a “rdnon  axpayr a ad o  ack-d”, gvng  rong ndcaon y o govrnmn ackng or an n-cra n on . A 
rpord arr rm, a comp rmova o  nd-ng cap cod   oar o £7,000or ar and man jc andp o £14,000 or cnc and ng-nrng.
Elie universiies demand conrol bu promise ha rises would be accompanied by grans increase
Coninued rom ron page
For  jdg,  vn d y Sammc and EDx Warck par-cary ood o among  ornomnaon. T ormr’ Okor-, ad Ha, a “a crackng n nnovav vn” a rcvd arg atndanc o a dn-rnng vn od On Word Wk,   atr rog “on o r ED conrnc o Erop”and ad no “rmy cmnd”  no Warck’ anna candar.T Warck Dang Socy’Prdn Gar Wam crdd ocy’ n o r “rong pr-ormanc n many ara” c a rgar ranng provdd or rmmr, and r or n xnd-ng da o nvov or occ a Amny.Hovr, n akd a ocy nndd o pnd r przmony on, Wam admtd ay ad y o dcd on a.“W ar no r a  pnd or prz mony on,   ky  nnd ack no  o-cy, o nr a  conn oprovd a op-qay rvc o ormmr and dn parcpaon,and conn o nd or da andvn on camp.”
Oktoberest andEDx stand out
I has emerged ha here will becompulsory redundancies a heSudens’ Union, following plans ooffer volunary redundancies o allsaff earlier in he year.
Unon oca av rd o ay xacy o many jo   axd    vd a  c  n vra ara.  a arn oo  Unon’ nd o c xpn. crrn orca prdc a or-a o £66,000.Prdn o  Sdn’ Unon Andr Brady ad n rpon:A par o  ongong anay rv ng condcd y  Boardo r,  a n rcognda rrcrng  crca o ong rm nanca ay o Unon. Som compory rdndan-c  nornay av o akpac.”I  no  n md-Jy ana a nmr o  mad rdn-dan   knon.
Grace Massey 
Union sta inring range
 World Cup mania hits Warwick 
Hannah Brenon
 Warwick sudens enjoy he France vs. Uruguay mach in he Diry Duck on Friday  phoo: Josh EvesFurher analysis o David Willes’remarks, page 11»
Nominaions submited, which were all accompanied by creaively designed packs
 Money, page 16»

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