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Marceline's Slave Story

Marceline's Slave Story

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Published by Fred Seibert
Original outline for what evolved into the "Adventure Time" episode "Henchman."
Original outline for what evolved into the "Adventure Time" episode "Henchman."

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Published by: Fred Seibert on Aug 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MARCELINE’S SLAVE STORY5/7/2009ACT ONE1.Finn and Jake are horsing around when they accidentally fall off a cliff. They are plunging to their doom and it looks like all is lost when suddenly, out of nowhere,Marceline appears and saves them.2.Finn and Jake thank Marceline who says it was no big deal. She only did it becauseshe was bored.3.Finn says, “It is a BIG deal!” Finn quickly takes a contract out of his backpacgets down on one knee and reads it out loud. “I pledge to follow you to the ends of the earth in your service until my debt to you is repaid.”4.Finn tells Jake it’s now his turn to make the pledge, but Jake won’t do it. He’sterrified of vampires. JAKE: “That’s nuts, man. You just pledged yourself to anevil vampire! She’s going to make you do evil stuff too!” FINN: “Oh my God,your’re right. What have I done?”5.Marceline makes fun of Finn and his goody-two shoes code of honor.6.Still terrified of Marceline, Jake reassures Finn, “Don’t worry dude. I’m gonnafigure out a way to get you outta this.” And with that, Jake leaves.ACT TWO7.Finn is now a “Vampire’s assistant” and is dreading what horrible things awaithim. Finn thinks he is going to have to help Marceline do terrible evil vampirethings…like suck blood, and desecrate graves and hypnotize people. Marcelineonly confirms Finn’s worst fears when she says, “ Follow me. I’m thirsty and Ineed to feed.”8.She grabs Finn’s hand and they fly out into the night. During the ride, Marceline pokes fun at Finn in a flirty way. MARCELINE: “Oooo, Finn. Tonight you’regonna help me do bad things. You’re a bad boy.” FINN: “Stop reminding me.”9.Wipe to a house. Marceline orders Finn to bust down the door. Finn is dreading it, but he does as he’s told. Marceline swoops in. Inside there is a lonely man, alldressed up, about to sit down to a dinner for one. He takes one look at Marcelineand is terrified. Marceline orders Finn to hold him down. Finn reluctantly does.10.CUT TO outside. We see Jake watching Finn pin the man down on the floor. Helooks away – it’s too awful. He wishes he had the courage to stop this, but he isstill too scared of vampires/Marceline. Ashamed, he runs away.11.Cut back to the house. Marceline leans in toward the man’s neck. It seems as if she’s going to bite him, but at the last second we reveal that she sucks the red outof the carnation in his lapel. The man passes out from fear, but Finn is actuallyrelieved and surprised. He expected to see blood and mayhem and all Marcelinedid was suck the red from a carnation.12.Marceline laughs and tells Finn to chill out. He’s really got the wrong idea aboutvampires. Marceline suddenly wants to prank the passed out guy. She hands Finn amarker and tells him to draw something on the passed out man’s face. Finn’s notsure this is cool, but redeems himself by drawing “YOU’RE # 1” on the man’sface. Marceline loves it and she and Finn enjoy a good chuckle over it.13.Marceline then grabs Finn’s hand and they fly off again. Finn asks “Where are
they off to now?” Marceline teases him, “We’re going to raise an army of theundead and take over that castle!” She points to a castle in the distance.14.Finn is unsure whether she means it or not. Is she telling the truth? She’s probably just trying to mess with his head again. But what if she’s not? What if it turns outto be awful this time? Finn is confused. He suggests to Marceline that they dosomething else, but she replies, “ No chance. You made a goody two shoes vowand now you have to stick to it.” FINN: “Urgghhh!”15.They arrive at a graveyard and Marceline dramatically yells, “Rise, dead people!”Finn is astonished to see skeletons rising up from their graves. Marceline ordersFinn to lead the charge toward the castle.16.CUT TO Jake peeking through the bushes. He watches Finn leading an army of undead toward a castle and knows what he has to do. He musters his courage andsneaks up on Marceline with a stake, ready to kill her. But when Marceline whirlsaround and heads for the castle, Jake chickens out. He turns himself small andscampers away.17.Meanwhile, Finn and the army of the undead have reached the castle gate.Marceline orders Finn to open the gate. Finn reluctantly opens the castle gate andtells the butler, “Ummm…I’m sorry, but my boss is making me storm this castle.”Inside the castle are the Duke of Nuts, his family and their nutty soldier servants.All their eyes turn to the castle gate and stare at Marceline and her army of theundead. Finn thinks a big battle is about to break out. He braces himself for theworst when suddenly Marceline whips out her bass and starts playing. Everyonecheers! “Marceline’s back! Now it’s a party!” Marceline and the undead skeletonsmove inside the castle and take over the party. Now it’s raging!18.Finn can’t believe it. Marceline doesn’t go around doing evil things – she goesaround doing cool things. She’s cool. Marceline beckons Finn to dance and Finn joins in. Marceline makes fun of Finn for being “an evil castle crasher”, but Finnnow gets that she’s just trying to push his buttons.19.WIPE TO the end of the party. Marceline and Finn leave and she flies them to anearby field. Upon landing, Marceline suddenly thrusts a cute, innocent creature(who looks like PIKACHU) into Finn’s hands and orders him to go into the woodsto kill it. Finn thinks it’s just another joke and quickly agrees. FINN: “SureMarceline! I’ll just go into the woods now and kill this cute innocent creature for you. No problem.” MARCELINE: “And be quick about it.” FINN: “Definitely. I’ll be sure to kill it super fast.”20.Alone in the woods, Finn sits down with the cute creature on his lap and pulls outhis knife. Finn thinks that at any moment Marceline is going to stop him. Finnthinks this is just another joke – a way for Marceline to mess with his head. Butafter a beat, he starts to worry that no one is coming. He holds the knife to theinnocent creature, waiting to be stopped. FINN: “Okay, Marceline? I’m about tokill this cute little guy, right?” When she doesn’t appear Finn becomes distressed, puts the knife away and runs back to the field.21.When he arrives at the field he confronts her, “Marceline, you almost let me killthis baby-like creature! Not cool.” Panicked, MARCELINE yells, “Kill the cutecreature now!” But it’s too late. The creature has transformed into a hideousmonster and begins to attack Finn. Brandishing his sword, Finn fights the monster.

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