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Published by Nicholas Loise

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Published by: Nicholas Loise on Aug 27, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RSVPChicago’sMarketPlacestrategies TipBooklet#1onDrivingSalesByNicholasLoise 
 The best sales model2Finding customers4Sales call structures6Asking questions8Opening the call10Presenting your offer12Softening the call16 Trial Closing18Handling Hesitation20Closing the sale22Referrals24
These tips are just a fraction of the adviceand help given by to our clients. By RSVPTo learn more about marketing and salesskills, and the ways in which we can help you,call:
847-939-6065www .rsvpchicago.comnick@rsvpchicago.comfollow us on twitter atwww.twitter.com/postcardguru
The Problem solving modelUse the problem-solving model as the basis for allsales.
By solving a customer’s problems, you ‘cure’ them of their pain, and they are grateful to you. They like doingbusiness with you!When you have ‘cured’ one customer, they are likely torecommend you to other people they know who have thesame problem which you’ve just solved. Youcustomers are happy to find new business for you.
Write down the main problem which your product or service solves – the pain which you can cure.
Once you know the main problem which you can solve,you know the Main Benefit which your product or servicedelivers.Use your Main Benefit as the headline to your adverts,the first thing you say when someone asks you what youdo, the slogan which you have on your letterheads andbusiness cards.
Write down the reason why you can cure this pain or problem better than anyone else on the planet
Now you know how to beat your competition. If youcustomer asks you why they should order from you,when they can get it cheaper/quicker/easier fromsomeone else, you can tell them
“O. K. but you will suffer if you order elsewhere because no one else can solveyour problem EXACTLY like I can, or do as good a jobFOR YOU as I can because I’m the only one who can…” 
(If you don’t know any reason why you are the best onthe planet at solving the problems which you solve, ADDsomething to your offer, or re-engineer it until you havesomething which makes you unique. This is your UniqueSelling Point – USP).
Model yourself on a doctor who cures his patientspain.
When do you go to your doctor? When you are in pain.Doctors are among the most respected members of thecommunity. Why? Because they cure your pain – WHENYOU HAVE ONE. They don’t cold call you or bother youwhen you’re in perfect health.www.rsvpchicago,com 
Ask Yourself.
How would you feel about a doctor who cold-called youwith a special deal to remove your bladder next week-‘because we’ve got some spare capacity. We can offer you a special cut price!’A doctor has a list of patients. The successful doctor’ssecret is to have a big enough list of potential ‘ill people’so that at any moment, enough of those patients are illand in need of treatment to keep the doctor busy. YOUneed to develop a big enough list of people who are likelyto need your ‘cure’ at some time in the near future.
Don’t model yourself on double-glazing salespeople
They are among the least respected people in thecommunity – because they spray you with junk mail, junkfaxes, junk phone calls all trying to solve THEIRproblems (lack of sales) not yours.
Find groups of people with a problem which you cansolve.
A group of people with a problem which you can solve isyour market. They can be consumers, parents of teenagechildren, businessmen looking to increase their profits,widows in Chicagp with an income of over $65,000 ayear – whatever.
Find one person whose problem you can solve, thenfind a list of people like them.
This is the ‘marketing’ part of selling – finding the peopleto sell to. Once you have solved a problem for oneperson in a group, you can solve the same problem for anyone else in the group who suffers from it.You can then find several different groups of people or markets, and solve the same problem for them.
Sell first to the group of people (the market) whichhas the most money to spend.
If you have several possible markets with a problem youcan solve, spend most of your time with the group whichcan most easily afford your solution. They will be quicker and easier to sell to than people who will struggle tocome up with the price you set for your product.RSVP Chicago 847-939-6065
Finding CustomersFind the customers to sell to, then sell to the customersyou find
Strictly speaking, finding groups of customers to sell to iscalled marketing, not selling. (See our sister booklet ‘Secretmarketing tips for small business owners’ which expands theideas on this page).
Lead Generation
Before you can sell to anyone, you have to identify them assomeone with problems which you can solve.You must build a lead generation system which encouragespotential customers to come forward and give you their names, so that you can sell to them. The purpose of your lead generation system is to get people with a problem youcan solve to raise their hands and say
“Help me …” 
Start Cold Calling for quick results
The quickest way to find out if someone has a problemwhich you can solve - is to call them and ask! It is also theleast effective, and most irritating. It works, which is why youkeep getting cold calls from ‘sales’ people offering youdouble glazing, fitted kitchens and so on.If you need business quickly, find a list of likely suspects, geton the phone and call them. Call 50 in the morning, 50 in theafternoon and evening. Do it every day from Monday toFriday. After 500 phone calls you will have found manypeople with problems you can solve. You will have someoneto sell to.
Expect grief from your cold calling
After 500 phone calls you will also have taken a lot of rudeness, swearing, and demands never to call again.When cold calling, you’ll be like a doctor who calls the first500 names in the phone book offering a perfect cure for asore back. Most of the people he calls won’t have a soreback, and will be angry with his call. But out of 500 calls, thedoctor will find several people (between 25 and 50) with badbacks who are delighted with his offer.
Expect tough sales presentations after cold calling
Cold calling is ‘quick and dirty’. Sometimes you just have todo it. It is the least effective method of finding customersbecause YOU have approached THEM and suggested thatthey have a problem. Now you have to prove TWO things:1. that they have a problem worth solving2. that you are the person to solve it.www.rsvpchicago.com847-939-6065
Put a lead generation system in place, even as youare bringing in ‘quick and dirty’ business from coldcalling
Because if you can encourage potential customers tocome forward and THEY tell YOU that they have aproblem which needs solving, then you only have toprove one thing – that you are the person to solve it.Much easier.
Generate leads by being seen as the most CREDIBLEEXPERT at what you do.
The five best ways to establish credibility, and get clientsto come to you with their problems are:Free newslettersFree or low-cost reportsEndorsed offersCase Study Style Advertising"Just Like You" Testimonial Style Advertising
Send out Free newsletters to groups of likelycustomers
Use a free newsletter to establish your expertise withyour customers, gain credibility, and get them to contactyou about your products and services. Your goal with thisnewsletter is simple: to get 10,000 or more people toread it on a regular basis. Consider common problemsand show how you have solved these problems for others.By making many repeat contacts with your readers, andgiving them information that's very valuable to them, youestablish credibility with them. So who better to turn towhen they need help?
Offer Free reports
Free reports are similar to newsletters. The maindifference is you don't have to publish on an establishedschedule. You can devote each report to solving adifferent problem.
Use Endorsed offers
Find other companies that sell to your market and makea deal to pay them a percentage of your profits inexchange for them endorsing your product or service totheir customers.The key is, the sales message must come from theendorser - on their endorser's letterhead.

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