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A new store

A new store

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Published by Dave Smith
We help someone out overseas.
We help someone out overseas.

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Published by: Dave Smith on Aug 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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We start a new "Sari Sari" store
 6/24/2009The new store owner !
Not too happy, is she? P-)
Start of the new store
 Getting the store readyThe new store, running
In just 6 days!
I am so happy. My roommate helped big time, we raised the money andsponsored my sweetie overseas' new "Sari Sari" store. I am glad we did.In the Philippines, the country may be poor but many a wife has her own littleenterprise. Wives are a huge help in supplementing the income of their families andhusbands by taking on various enterprises.
What is sad is that once a person reaches the mid 20's hardly anyone will hirethem for any kind of job that isn't, well, let's just say µunsavory¶. My girl used to work for xxx until she was at an age they didn't want her around, as they do to all the ³older´ (!)girls. After that she got a job at a curio store on the resort island nearby, but a manassaulted her in that worst of ways and she ran away in terror all the way to Manilla toget away from him for a while. After that, and having a child, there were no opportunities for her, her younger brother had to leave nursing school because his uncle in America stopped helping himpay, and her older brother developed health issues that make it hard for him to workand cope with everyday life, though he tries, doing electrical work and contract workwhen he can get it.While I am poor in the States, it is
like how things are for her over there.I am very thankful to reside in a nation that is good to its disabled and unfortunate.Sadly, where she lives only the fittest survive, as well as the fortunate to get workelsewhere. Many a Pinoy works on a ship deep sea fishing in Alaska, or on a freighter running through the zone where those pirates terrorize the sea lanes.Some Filipinos work in the Arabic part of the world and are often treated worsethan animals. Part of the reason for this is the religious divide between Muslimextremism and Catholic devotism. Many a Filipina has been raped, sentenced to deathor dismemberment for an offense they themselves never committed, but their "owners"did commit, such as rape.Very hard and harsh is the Filipino life. And yet... There is so much beauty and grace in her land. So many decent hardworking honorable people in the slums, all trying to hold on to whatever amount of dignity they can. Sadly, some girls exploit men overseas, or marry just to get out of thecountry and situation, marrying to men that are incapable of maintaining a realrelationship with a woman of their own nation. It is very sad.I met my darling because I took a vacation there and I was her family's guest.They showed me around and treated me like royalty, and she charmed my sox off.

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