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Published by Prof. Madhavan
To day the world seems to be having more and more of insurmountable social problems than yester years. This is due to diminishing of spiritual values against those of material values. It is time to bridge this gap. This serial of articles is the beginning of building such a bridge.
To day the world seems to be having more and more of insurmountable social problems than yester years. This is due to diminishing of spiritual values against those of material values. It is time to bridge this gap. This serial of articles is the beginning of building such a bridge.

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Published by: Prof. Madhavan on Aug 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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VethathiriDasan - Prof. Dr. Madhavan Ph.D.,
Science is based on two. One the datum base line on which the second one theknowledge is made or proved. It is like knowledge is built on non - knowledge(ignorance). Without ignorance, intelligent cannot arise. The creation of nature offers aseries of endless wonders. Science takes away the wonder by revealing the secrets of nature; further utilizing those secrets for the betterment of mankind in their living.Science is expressed by comparison and contrasts, and therefore it is highly relative.There are no absolute terms in science. Even if there are some they are justmathematical abstracts or used as a reference to explain some conceptsScience is an endless search for the ultimate truth. Spirituality starts from the ultimatetruth whether it is assumed or imagined, it is the very life that we live. A truth cannot betwo but one. Therefore the twosome relative science dissolves into Onesome spiritualitythe absolute truth.
Divide & rule is not only a political mantra but is also a valid philosophy for thedevelopment of science. Whether the nature of the universe is holistic or divided is aredundant question for those who keep on dividing it to get a better understanding of it.For them the meaning of holistic is out of syllabus. The Physicists keep on smashing thesub atomic particles (Hadron Collider) to get a clear picture or proof for the quarks. If thisis true then the universe is just filled with quarks though they appear as filled with bigger movable and immovable products. Then is it not right to say that science keeps onstudying those appear differently to each other and not the one that is holistically real.Nature as holistic is spirituality. The same nature when seen as different and divided isscience. Science survives on delta the differential. It can be relative to each other or evenrelative to the one that is the single source or space or the unified force of all.The problem with science is that the Scientist (subject) observes the Nature (object)which he thinks is different but it is a part of the subject itself. Therefore the quest for science is endless until they take a different perspective to observe the very self it self.
Quantum physics is breaking the path of particle physics as well as the belief in cause &effect. What happens here is non local and uncertain. When Newtonian God, themechanical ruler of the machine like Universe, moving like a clock work, failed to satisfythe New Physicists, as many of them became interested in the deeper philosophicalimplications of Quantum Physics.
When Heisenberg experimentally proved that things may happen without any cause,causality is broken. Quantum physics established non causality as a Truth. Max Planckwrote “though the order of nature is admitted as inevitably predetermined by the supremecause, yet the causal chain in the world itself may at any time be interrupted by theintervention of a supernatural power”. This is so in Biology, as its rules have always beenof a statistical character.Scientists always have to face irrationality at some point of time. This is where Faithbecomes a beginning to lead them to mystic revelations of nature to scientificformulations of understanding. New discoveries are a greater enlargement of Indeterminacy and a refinement of it.Science cannot solve the ultimate mystery of nature. That is because in the last analysiswe ourselves are part of the nature and therefore we ourselves become the part of themystery we are trying to solve. Spirituality uses therefore terms like Self Realization.Psychology uses terms like Self Actualisation. All this indicate that seeing nature outsideoneself is self defeating and seeing nature within oneself is rewarding towards thedevelopment of science to the Spiritual Unified Science.
Scientist is an ordinary person with a searching mind, evaluating mathematician and anexperimenting technician. The beginning of Science is in the minds of people. ThereforeScience is incomplete without mind. There is a tremendous need to understand thesource of mind, the functions of mind and the working of mind – the entire gamut of mind.Mind in totality is Spiritual and in fraction is you & me.You & me gives the split and no unison. Hence there is lack of unity among people.That’s why all spiritual leaders emphasized the need to treat others as their own self.Branches of a tree may give fruits from their respective branches, but they all come fromthe same tree. Particles, forces, waves, character, behavior, energy, molecules, cellsetc., may be different fruits but all of them have evolved from the same tree the unifiedspirituality.Particle is a force, energy, mass for general science. But what is surrounding the particleis a question for the general scientists. Like wise a particle may suddenly appear or disappear without any reason or rhyme for quantum science. From where and to wheretothe particles emerge or end is a question for the quantum scientists.Vethathirian philosophy comes handy and provides some clues to ponder. God, Almighty,Brahmam, Unified force, Supernatural power etc., may be the words that refer and meanone and the same thing. In fact the so called science is only a grand child of HolyScriptures and Spirituality. Most of the Scientists by themselves are more spiritual thantheir materialistic molecules. Spirituality is the substratum for all that exits.

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