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Wood River Land Trust Floodplain Brochure

Wood River Land Trust Floodplain Brochure

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Published by jennifer self
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Glacier Graphics provides internet and print solutions that respond to evolving technology.

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: jennifer self on Aug 28, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You Know & Love
 the Big Wood River.Your Choices Can Protect ItsFuture and Your Property
Get to Know Your Closest Neighbo
 A Guide for floodplAin Homeowners
A foodplain
is the at land alonga stream or river. Floodplains areoten flled by water during springruno or other high water events.
A foodway
is the channelthrough which the majority o aood’s waters move.
The riparian
area is a transitionalarea between land and waterecosystems, such as the areaadjacent to a river. Riparian areas,though small in size, provide a largepercentage o the wildlie habitator birds, moose, deer, ox, and otherspecies throughout the year.
Understandingthe Floodplain
Photos provided by Conservation Seeding and Restoration, Inc. unless otherwise noted.
The Big Wood River’s oodplain is home to unique andimportant plants and wildlie. You have likely seen elk,moose, ox, and a variety o birds along the river; youmay even fsh rom your own backyard. As a oodplainhomeowner, you experience the beauty and uniquequalities o the area frst-hand.The natural processes that make the river such a desirableneighbor—the sound o rushing water, the wildlie itattracts, and the lush plant lie it nurtures—may also leadto ooding and bank erosion that can damage privateproperty in the oodplain. Your actions can protect yourproperty while preserving important aspects o the river’snatural unctions. One o the best ways to protect yourhome and the river is to use native landscaping.This brochure provides inormation about the importanceo the oodplain’s unction in our valley and describes howthe use o native landscaping can protect your propertyand the oodplain
The Big Wood River 
FloodplainRiparian area
The NaturalRiver 
has many components thatcontribute toits health.
FloodwayRiver Channel
Riparian setbacks
are buildingsetbacks defned by local govern-ments that create a buer zone toprotect plants and animals livingalong the river as well as the riveritsel; setbacks also help protectproperty rom ooding.
Sheet fooding,
the shallow, slow-moving water that occurs duringhigh ows, is a healthy oodplainoccurrence. Floodplain homeown-ers should be prepared to protecthomes and other structures byplacing sandbags or ood bladderswithin 5-10 eet o the structure.These saeguards should not restrictsheet ooding that occurs duringspring’s high water.
Waterfront property:
These homes are sited closerto the river, and nativevegetation has been clearedor lawns going up to theriver’s edge. These practicescan require expensive,artifcial bank reinorcementto protect property romerosion and ooding and donot protect wildlie or theriparian area.
River-friendly waterfront property:
Siting homes urther away rom the river’sedge and leaving native trees and plantson the banks lessens these homes’ impacton the river. It also protects homes romhigh water and protects habitat or elk,moose, birds, and other species.
 Native landscaping is beautiul and attracts an array o birds,insects, and wildlie. Once established, native plants useless water and require less maintenance than non-nativeplants. They also help protect against ood risks by slowinghigh ows and stabilizing river banks. Native landscaping isimportant both inside and outside the oodplain. While some steps towards native landscaping in the oodplaintake planning, others can be implemented easily and withlittle expense. Native plants preserve the land’s health,beautiy your property, and are hardy and easy to maintain.
Native Landscaping
Three Examples o How to Use Native Vegetation:
 Bank stabilizers for use along the river and in the20 feet beyond the river’s high water mark
Coyote willow, River birch, Bog birch, Redosierdogwood, Chokecherry, Streambank wheatgrass
 For use in the 20-40 feet beyond the stream bank
Booth willow, Geyers willow, Aspen, Alder-leaedbuckthorn, Gooseberries, Currants, Elderberry,Serviceberry, Snowberry, Lewis’ mockorange
 For use as ground cover
Meadow oxtail, Idaho escue,Bluebunch wheatgrass, Rocky Mountain iris, Asters,Bluebells, Western valerian, Sticky geranium, Creepingpotentilla, Yellow monkey ower, Columbine
Benefts to Birds and Insects:
in addtn t beng beautu andw-mantenance, natve andscapngas attracts nsects, brds, and wde. ows, dragnys, andbutterys are a part  a heathy pant/rver reatnshp.
* Contact riparian experts or environmental consultants to determinethe best site-specifc plantings or your property.
Resources or Floodplain Living:
• Conservation Seeding
& Restoration, Inc.
• Blaine Soil Conservation District• Sawtooth Botanical Gardens• Hailey Nursery• Webb, employee owned
SodWoods Rose
Redosier Dogwood
Native fowers
100 year food
Annual spring rise
Low water level
This home’s native landscaping oers river access and increased food protection.
   P   h  o   t  o  :   R  o   b  e  r   t   H .   M  o   h   l  e  n   b  r  o  c   k   U   S   D   A  -   N   R   C   S   P   L   A   N   T   S   D  a   t  a   b  a  s  e
top: Cinquioil, Columbine middle: Redosier dogwood bottom: Phlox 
   P   h  o   t  o  :   J  e  r  r  y   W .   B  r   i   t   t  o  n
For more inormation or acomplete list o recommendedplants to use in the oodplain, contactWood River Land Trust at 788-3947 orgo to www.woodriverlandtrust.org.Remember to contact your localgovernment to learn the specifcriparian setback requirements and otherregulations that apply to your propertybeore adding or restoring decks, yards,structures, landscaping, or building anew home.
Budng setback nt drawn t scae.

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