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Faith Without Love is Dead....

Faith Without Love is Dead....

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Published by BORIS

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Published by: BORIS on Aug 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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I Appeal to You
... through Bertha Dudde -13.10.1951
Faith without love is dead....It is essential to live up to the commandment of love in order toattain profound faith. Proof is not necessary to believe, rather, you have to become convinced of something that cannot be proven so that you canwholeheartedly support it, so that you can endorse what you now believein. Only this kind of faith is assessed by Me as living faith, for I do notregard mere words and assurances as belief but merely as an agreement toavoid an objection, since you cannot substantiate an objection. In that caseyou blindly believe, you accept without scrutiny, without personalopinion, what is imparted to you from outside. But this kind of faith willnever emanate strength, with this kind of faith you will never be able toachieve remarkable effects.... for only a living faith can give evidence ofthe strength of faith. But living faith is faith born by love, because love isthe strength which then expresses itself in faith. Faith without love isdead, it is something inertly formal that has no effect. An active intellectcan certainly come to a conclusion which the person then calls `belief' butthis belief will be more an assumption which will neither please norelevate him.... as long as the love in him has not been kindled. For onlylove will give life to such faith. A loving person, however, does not need toactivate his intellect exceptionally, and yet he will nevertheless be able toendorse his knowledge, for he is enlightened by his inner spirit, and thushe can believe with conviction because he has the evidence within himself.Hence, what should be believed cannot be proven, or one could nottalk about `faith', and yet no doubt exists for the person who lives withlove, because the spirit within him will give him explanations which justify profound faith. But these cannot be conclusively transferred toanother person because every human being has to arrive at faith himself,which he is able to do if he does not ignore love.... love, however, is theunification with Me.... Consequently, I Myself also have to be recognised by those who love, and therefore faith in Me can no longer be doubtful....for where I Am present through love I give evidence of Myself to the

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