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Introduction - Intro to Philo of Histo

Introduction - Intro to Philo of Histo

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Published by emray

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Published by: emray on Aug 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Introduction³In order to read the destiny of the people, it is necessary to open the book of its past.´This is the introductory note of Dr. Jose Rizal in his essay Philippines in a Century Hence. Thisis an essay wherein, he predicted the future of Philippines through his study of the past eventsand its affection to the people. If we look on it, undeniably, Rizal and Husserl have something inmind that is common.In Husserl¶s Eternal Time Consciousness, through experiences, man gained ideas andthese ideas will be combined to his next experiences. In this point, as ideas are retained in hismemories, he will be able to process protentions and are capable to set his expectations. Thus, prediction of the future is possible according his expectations.Historians affirmed that expectations of Dr. J.P. Rizal really occurred in our history. Theyreally made a good interpretation on Rizal¶s writings and its connection to the occurrence of events. At some point, issue that Dr. Rizal is a prophet arises. Definitely, he is not. He juststudied thoroughly the Philippine History three centuries before nobility begun. But, this is notreally the problem. What is the main point this paper would like to answer is the former, was itreally the manipulation of historians which makes events connected to Rizal¶s assumptions to beanswered in the latter part of this paper.Rizal didn¶t give his word of certainty, only but possibility. In the part ³These and manyother things may come to pass within something like hundred years, but the most logical prognostication, the prophecy based on the best possibilities, may err through remote andinsignificant causes.´ He neither affirmed nor denied his own writings; he just illustrated his ideaof the future events. Example for instance, ³The batteries are gradually being charged and if the prudence of the government does not provide an outlet for the currents that are accumulating,someday the spark will be generated.´ Yes, and it really happened, through the abuse andoveruse of powers, many Filipinos are now asking for independence and equal rights, yetSpaniards does not provide any changes or actions that will control the scenario, peoplerevolutionize to gain such changes. In the same stanza, Rizal stated that the outcome depends on

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