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Published by maina60

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Published by: maina60 on Aug 29, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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This is a depiction of the Celestial Sanctum drawn by Dr. H. Spencer Lewisas an aid to the visualization of this structure. It is to be used as aguide only; you are to use your own creative imagination.
Dr. H. Spencer Lewis and a select group of advanced initiates of the brotherhood created the "The Cathedral of the Soul". It was
a creation of the mind in the Cosmic for all members and non-members. The name was changed a few years later to "CelestialSanctum". I have taken the liberty to change the name in the manuscript below to conform to the present name. I have notchanged any thing else, in order not to disturb the original intent of the manuscript, known as Liber 777. For those who arehaving difficulty understanding how this Sanctum could be created in the mind of man and placed in the Cosmic; may I inviteyou, if you have not already done so, to read some basic pages that will enlighten you, as to how this is possible. First, familiarizeyourself with meditation,click here, then with egregore,click here.After you study these manuscripts, you will be able to start attuning with the Celestial Sanctum. It takes time, patience, and some spiritual development to first contact the Sanctum. This isnot just a dream, there are many students of Mysticism that are capable of entering the Celestial Sanctum after a few trials.Remember that you are using attunement, meditation and visualization. In the midst of visualization, when you are creating theSanctum in your mind, as you want it to look, using Dr. Lewis' drawing as a guide; is when enlightment actually takes place.These activities enhance your enlightenment.After you read Liber 777, the manuscript below, re-read this section and it will make more sense to you. Many references to aschedule of services is mentioned below, but this is no longer necessary as the group has grown to thousands of students and thisis no longer necessary. If you contact the Sanctum, there will be many students with different needs, all attending at the sametime. In the early years, the number of students was much smaller and this appeared to be necessary.Read the manuscript below carefully to learn the procedure. If the Liber 777 is difficult for you to grasp at this time; return to itat a later time after more study and spiritual understanding.A book that has been out of print for a number of years and is usefulto the new student is: "Messages from the Celestial Sanctum". It is by Raymond Bernard and is now on the internet in electronicform. It is under the former name: "Messages from the Cathedral of the Soul". To go there nowclick here.May you have PeaceProfound.Serafine Anthony Lemos, F.R.C.
The following text was written in 1930, by Frater Charles Dana Dean, Grand Master of AMORC, who passed through transitionon July 25,1933. It introduces the Celestial Sanctum, inspiring creation of Dr. H. Spencer Lewis. Dr. Lewis was the firstImperator of AMORC for its second cycle of activity in North America, and was responsible for its re-establishment andadvancement. The following text so splendidly defines the purpose of the Celestial Sanctum, and pays tribute to its conceiver,that it has not been altered, except to relate it to the present needs of members and those who desire to avail themselves of itsnoble features. The incumbent Imperator of AMORC for the international jurisdiction of North Central, and South America,British Commonwealth and Empire, France, Switzerland, and Africa. Ralph M. Lewis, has assumed the mantle of the Cosmiclabors of the Celestial Sanctum, and directs its current program of activities.We feel sure that each one of our members of the Rosicrucian Order will be inexpressibly happy to know more about that beautiful and inspiring creation of our Imperator, H. Spencer Lewis, which he has so aptly called, “The Celestial Sanctum.”Those of us who have been closely associated with him during the past twenty years or more know that since the days of his firstcontact with the principles of the Rosicrucian teachings he has had one all-absorbing desire—to bring into the lives of men andwomen a more intimate and satisfying contact with the Spiritual, Cosmic powers and principles that establish Peace, Harmony,Light, Life, and Love, in the soul of each being.We have known also that he found a way to reach beyond the consciousness of self into the consciousness of the Cosmic, andthere dwell for moments of time to find inspiration, illumination, and contact with hundreds who were being slowly and properly prepared to meet him there. He communed with the Great Masters, the great teachers and the Spiritual Minds of those who in the past learned how to repose in the Cosmic Consciousness. We have seen that he could close his eyes in the midst of businessactivities, strife and turmoil, anxiety, and worldly restlessness, and, oblivious to his surroundings, remain en rapport for a time,only to return to instant activity, inspired with a new message, a new thought, a picture, a painting, a law or principle, a lesson or a perfect point of knowledge. It was our joy and profit to see him make these contacts and to know that the spiritual side of hisnature could rise to such sublime heights while still with us on this plane as our leader and instructor.

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