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Stop the Insanity Here

Stop the Insanity Here

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Published by Michael Drew Prior

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Published by: Michael Drew Prior on Aug 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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8/30/10 1:09 AMStop the insanity herePage 1 of 6file:///Users/michaelprior/Desktop/for%20scribd.%3F/ddddd%20Stop%20the%20insanity%20here.html
U.S. just as guilty of committingown violent acts
Robert JensenSchool of JournalismUniversity of TexasAustin, TX 78712work: (512) 471-1990fax: (512) 471-7979rjensen@uts.cc.utexas.educopyright Robert Jensen 2001
Houston Chronicle
, September 14, 2001, p. A-33.Also posted onCommon Dreams web siteandZNet, Sept.12, 2001.by Robert JensenSeptember 11 was a day of sadness, anger andfear.
8/30/10 1:09 AMStop the insanity herePage 2 of 6file:///Users/michaelprior/Desktop/for%20scribd.%3F/ddddd%20Stop%20the%20insanity%20here.html
Like everyone in the United States and around theworld, I shared the deep sadness at the deaths of thousands.But as I listened to people around me talk, Irealized the anger and fear I felt were verydifferent, for my primary anger is directed at theleaders of this country and my fear is not only forthe safety of Americans but for innocents civiliansin other countries.It should need not be said, but I will say it: Theacts of terrorism that killed civilians in New Yorkand Washington were reprehensible andindefensible; to try to defend them would be toabandon one’s humanity. No matter what themotivation of the attackers, the method is beyonddiscussion.But this act was no more despicable as themassive acts of terrorism -- the deliberate killing of civilians for political purposes -- that the U.S.government has committed during my lifetime. Formore than five decades throughout the Third
8/30/10 1:09 AMStop the insanity herePage 3 of 6file:///Users/michaelprior/Desktop/for%20scribd.%3F/ddddd%20Stop%20the%20insanity%20here.html
World, the United States has deliberately targetedcivilians or engaged in violence so indiscriminatethat there is no other way to understand it exceptas terrorism. And it has supported similar acts of terrorism by client states.If that statement seems outrageous, ask the peopleof Vietnam. Or Cambodia and Laos. Or Indonesiaand East Timor. Or Chile. Or Central America. OrIraq, or Palestine. The list of countries and peopleswho have felt the violence of this country is long.Vietnamese civilians bombed by the United States.Timorese civilians killed by a U.S. ally with U.S.-supplied weapons. Nicaraguan civilians killed bya U.S. proxy army of terrorists. Iraqi civilians killedby the deliberate bombing of an entire country’sinfrastructure.So, my anger on this day is directed not only atindividuals who engineered the Sept. 11 tragedybut at those who have held power in the UnitedStates and have engineered attacks on civiliansevery bit as tragic. That angeris compounded byhypocritical U.S. officials’ talk of their

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