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Published by Anthony Forkush
A drug deal gone loco, as three people try to move "product" from Tijuana (pronounced "Tiyawana") to the strange streets of San Diego with surprisingly strange results.
A drug deal gone loco, as three people try to move "product" from Tijuana (pronounced "Tiyawana") to the strange streets of San Diego with surprisingly strange results.

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Published by: Anthony Forkush on Aug 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE BUBOBY Anthony ForkushAn apartment in San Diego. It is ramshackle with crap everywhere. In the middle of theliving room is a dilapidated Christmas tree. Oldies play on the radio.The bedroom door opens and Maddie comes out. She is a Hispanic woman who is prettyin spite of her poundage. She drops down to the floor and gathers some Christmas presents for her daughter, who is sleeping in the other room.She lights a cigarette and turns up the music. She changes it from oldies to hip hop, thento rock. She gets the phone. Turns up the volume some more then turns it down.The phone rings in her hand. She answers.MADDIE:Hello? Hey. Where are you? Oh yeah. You’re where? Oh yeah…no you got on the wrongfreeway. You gotta start over from the other side. Yeah, the other side. That’s the wrongfreeway. Okay where are you now? Okay, like, where are you now? Can you get off thefreeway? Just get off the freeway and get off on the other side. Yeah, the other side.That’s gonna take you back the way you came to the other side. Okay, call me back whenyou get here. Okay bye.She hangs up the phone. From the bedroom we hear the sound of her daughter callingBABY GIRL:Mama. Mama. Ah hah hah hah (she cries)MADDIE:It’s okay Iris (pronounced ee’
). What do you want? You want something? I can getyou something if you want it. What do you want? You want something?BABY GIRL:(cries) awww hawwww.MADDIE:(exasperated) God damn it. What do you want? I don’t understand what you want. Tellme. How am I supposed to know. Huh? Iris? What is it? Just tell me and I’ll get it for you. You want something?Maddie is laying out a line of speed. She picks up a straw and quickly snorts up the powder. Her eyes roll back into her head and she sags to the earth. She tries to get up andfalls down again. She picks up a beer she has been drinking and falls down again.
MADDIE:Fuck. I’m fucked up.She disappears behind the couch then springs up onto her feet. She runs around theapartment really fast, no boundaries. She starts ramming into shit. Her daughter is callingfrom the other room.DAUGHTER:Mommy..momi. auuuuhawwhuuu.MADDIE:Yeah. Hey…I’m coming. Don’t worry. I’m coming. I got your thing that you wanted thatyou told me that you needed. I got it right here. It’s right here. Don’t worry baby. I’mgonna be right there I’m gonna come to you now and just don’t worry.Maddie starts taking off her sweater and we see her t-shirt and sweats. She drinks more beer. The phone rings.MADDIE:Hello? (she is running around) yeah. Who is this? Oh Cotcho. Where are you? You’restill at the pier? Yeah, he’s gonna be here. I said he’s gonna be here now. Right now. Justcome over. Bring it. Just bring it. You know. Wait I gotta another call. (she picks up callwaiting) Hello. Hi. Where are you? Yeah. Okay. You’re at the taco stand? Uh huh. Canyou get some cigarettes at the store? And some nylons? And some jack? And someturkey? Wild Turkey? Can you get some gum? And some peanuts? Can you get me someflour and some tortillas? Can you get me some papitas y pipinos? Can you get somegefilte fish and matzos? Can you get me high? Can you get me high?LIGHTS OUTLIGHTS UPThe Christmas tree lights are going on and off in an epileptic way. The light in the roomis real dark. We can make out two figures. Maddie and her brother, Cotcho. Cotcho’s back is to us. He is looking in the mirror. He has something in his hand.MADDIE:Damn, he shoulda been here by now right? Right Cotcho?Cotcho doesn’t respond, just keeps looking at himself in the mirror.MADDIE:I hope he remembers the Cerveza. (Pause) And the conch shells. (Pause) And the respino.Right Cotcho?Silence. Cotcho moves a touch.
Silence. Cotcho turns around to face Maddie. He has a spear gun in his hand and agigantic growth on the left side of his face. He speaks in a high pitched lightly voicedtone.COTCHO:Yeah. He was gonna come later. (pause) He was gonna be here later. (pause).Where is he now?MADDIE:At the taco shop.COTCHO:El Brombero?MADDIE: No. El yucadoresCOTCHO:Oh. Okay.Cotcho walks over to the sofa. He sits down next to Maddie. They look at each other for about thirty seconds to forty five seconds without a sound. Then:COTCHO:Let’s go.LIGHTS OUTLIGHTS UPMaddie is sitting on the couch with a man, Eric. Cotcho is in a chair on the other side of the room glaring at him. Cotcho has the spear gun in his hand.Long silence. The music of “War” is playing in the background (“Low Rider”).ERIC:(Tentatively) Nice place. (pause). You lived here a long time?MADDIE: Not too long. Ten years.ERIC:That’s cool. (pause) (To Cotcho, very tentative) You live here, do you?

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