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Published by viji

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Published by: viji on Aug 30, 2010
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Which one of the binary bit patterns below denotes a Class B address?Assuming that our network is using an older version of UNIX what is the maximumnumber of subnets that can be assigned to networks when using the address with a subnet mask of need to choose a routing protocol for a new IIHT network. This network will be running IP, IPX,and Appletalk, and you wish to utilize only one routing protocol. Which one would be the best choice?A)OSPFB)EIGRPC)RIP v2D)IGRP2)Frame Relay uses ___________ to define the rate, in bits per second, that theFrame Relay switch agrees to transfer data?A)Clock rate (CR).B)Committed Information Rate (CIR)C)Local management interface (LMI)D)Data-link connection identifier (DLCI)3)Which channels are used by ISDN BRI?A)2d+1bB)23d+1bC)2b+1dD)23b+1d4)What is the reason for configuring a passive interface on a router? (Select only one answer)A)Allows interfaces to share common IP addresses.B)Allows an interface to remain up without the aid of keepalives.C)Allows a router to send routing and not receive updates via that interface.D)Allows a router to receive routing updates on an but not send updates via thatinterface.5)A routing table contains static, RIP, and IGRP routes destined to the same network with each route set toits default administrative distance. Which route will be the preferred route?A)The RIP routeB)The static routeC)The IGRP routeD)All three will load balance.6)What parameters must you specify when you enable EIGRP routing?A)The broadcast address, and AS numberB)The network number and AS numberC)EIGRP routing, network number and passive interfaceD)EIGRP routing, network number, and AS7)Which one of the following is a layer 2 broadcast?A)The IP subnet used is IP address used is MAC address used is 00-00-00-00-00-00D)The MAC address used is FF-FF-FF-FF-FF-FF.8)Which of the following answer choices is an additional parameter which must besupplied before theIGRP routing process can initialize?A)Connected subnet numbersB)Register administrative subnet masksC)IP address maskD)Autonomous system number
9)What are two benefits of segmenting a network with a layer 2 bridge? (Choose two)A)To reduce collisionsB)To increase collisionsC)To add collision domainsD)To have more broadcast domains10)Which one of the following protocols used in the TCP/IP protocol stack is considered a reliable connection-oriented protocol?A)IPB)UDPC)TCPD)DNS11)Which two of the following were created to avoid routing loops with distancevector routing protocols?(Choose two)A)Split horizon.B)Route Poison.C)Area Hierarchies.D)Link State Algorithms.12)What is the specification for STP?A)802.1eB)802.1xC)802.1dD)802.113)Which two statements about a Layer 2 bridge are true? (Choose two)A)A bridge floods multicastsB)A bridge floods broadcastsC)A bridge does not flood multicastsD)A bridge does not flood broadcasts.14)There are some differences between routed and routing protocols. Which of thefollowing are examplesof those differences? (Choose two.)A)A routed protocol is assigned to an interface and determines the method of packet delivery.B)A routing protocol determines the path of a packet through a network.C)A routed protocol determines the path of a packet through a network.D)A routing protocol operates at the transport layer of the OSI model.15)Using the following address and subnet mask what is the totalnumber of networks and the total number of host per network?A)1 network with 254 hostsB)2 networks with 128 hostsC)4 networks with 64 hostsD)6 networks with 30 hosts.16)You are the network administrator for a large corporation. You want to be able to store all your configurations in a centralized location. Which of these servers will allow you to do so? (Choose all that apply.)A)FTPB)TFTPC)SQLD)Oracle17)Which of the following are true about
A)IPX:MAC addressesB)IP:classC directed broadcastC)Private IP address:node numberD)Public IP addresses:directed broadcast18)Assuming that our network is using an older version of UNIX what is the maximum number of subnets that can be assigned to networks when using the address with a subnet mask of is the administrative distance of OSPF?A)90B)100C)110D)12020)In today's networks which encapsulation methods are most commonly used (ISDN)?A)IP and IPXB)IP and PPPC)PPP and SDLCD)PPP and HDLC21)What are some common layer 2 encapsulations for a WAN link? (Select all the appropriate answerchoices)A)EthernetB)PPPC)HDLCD)Frame Relay22)What is an advantage of segmenting your LAN with a switch?A)Smaller collision domains.B)Elimination of broadcast.C)Decrease cost of implementation.D)Larger number of users within the same domain.23)Which of the following routing protocols are less likely prone routing loopsand network reachabilityproblems when used in discontiguous networks? (Select all valid responsesA)OSPFB)RIP v2C)EIGRPD)IGRP24)Which wide are network technology was designed to use high-performance digital lines and is packetswitched?A)FDDIB)ISDNC)ATMD)Frame Relay25)What do the initials CIDR stand for?A)Classless Interdomain RoutingB)Classful Intradomain RoutingC)Classful Interdomain Routing

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