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Mental Attitude

Mental Attitude

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Published by Dileep Thomas

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Published by: Dileep Thomas on Aug 30, 2010
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Positive Mental Attitude
e all have problems every day, and every day's problems impact on theway that we live and enjoy our lives - or not enjoy. The problem ariseswhen our problems take over and shadow the enjoyment of our lives.Just to simply say to yourself "let's be positive" does not always do the trick andseldom has the desired long term effect.
One thing that we have to keep in mind, is that a negative feeling toward our lifewill show - not only in our actions, but also the way that we look.The old saying of " you were born with a face, but you earned the way your facelooks at forty " is very true - as all your experiences will be reflected on your facewhen you reach this age.To live in an "attitude of gratitude" as advised by Anthony Robins, is not a bad idea,since we all seem to take so much for granted, without being grateful for it.Life does not owe us a living, and there are no guarantees that our lives are goingto be without a hitch, so it is best to open your eyes in the morning with the ideathat life will throw things at you, for no rhyme or reason - and that you will have tocope.You are not singled out for problems - they just simply happen - and need to beattended to - so to spend time, effort and worry about why it happened is time andenergy wasted.Life should be seen as a game of "snakes and ladders" where you will have tolearn a lesson when landing on a "snake" - because unless you learn the lesson -you will have to repeat the same lesson at a later stage. When you land on a"ladder" it is time for you to move ahead - and be grateful for the fact that you havepassed a test.Should you ever look around and see people with "perfect" lives - have a closer look - because never mind how "perfect" a life - there is always a problem or two inthe background - and it is your ability of coping with these problems that willdetermine if you are successful or not.So the bottom line is - make the most of your life and do not allow everydayproblems to get you down - never mind how difficult it may seem at that moment -all problems are temporal (my word = things are temporary) - and need to beplaced in context.
Success secret
I'm constantly learning from the popular media -- movies, books, newspapers. Over theyears, I've learned a lot -- and I have to admit, that I don't seem to be learning as muchfrom movies as I used to; perhaps I'm seeing the wrong movies.Anyway, when contemplating this week's topic, I was reminded of the line in the BillyCrystal flick,"City Slickers."Billy gets his mojo, so to speak, from an old cowboy, whotells him the meaning of life: "one thing."The key of the movie -- and I heartily recommend it if you haven't seen it yet -- is that for each of us, there's one thing that will lead us to being a success. And yet, for most of us,we often do everything but that one thing.Earl Nightingale, in one of his "Our changing world" programs, talked about this verything. Many of his most interesting observations are contained in the tape series "The Essence of Success," but Nightingale-Conant also put the programs into an excellenthardbound book. Let me quote from it:"We get what we expect from life. If we expect more, and plunge in after it, we'll get it. If you want to turn your dreams into reality, you're going to have to take a chance. There'sno playing it safe."It's really simple, but it's something we don't usually follow: the greatest success you arelikely to have is doing something you are good at doing."The great question," said William Shakespeare, "is not whether you have failed, butwhether you are content with failure."That is the great problem that keeps most of us from success -- we learn to be contentwith failure. Oh, our failure may not be the full-blown, bankruptcy and ashes style of failure, but it's failure nevertheless -- simply because we chose to ignore the successpotential which was inside us all of the time.Truth be told, most of us know it's there -- most of us know that deep down insideourselves, we've got a spark of something, that if we cultivated it, could turn into ablazing inferno of success.Many of us know it's there, and yet never act on it -- we're just too scared. It's therewhere Earl's advice rings true: "If we expect more, and plunge in after it, we'll get it."All around us are people who attempt to diminish our ability to change. They say thingslike "you can't teach an old dog new tricks." Did you know that Harlan Sanders (youprobably know him better as "Colonel Sanders") didn't start his first chicken place untilhe was in his mid-60s and on a pension? Do they know that people adapt, every day, tochange -- sometimes radical, jarring change -- and then move on?
The naysayers around us will tell you that you can't succeed -- only the rich succeed.Good grief -- how do they think people got rich to begin with?The naysayers will tell you that PMA doesn't work -- but it does! Even science is provingthat the mind-body connection is real. The old adage of "What you can believe andconceive, you can achieve" is true!The cynics in this world will tell you there is no chance of success -- but they're wrong!People succeed every hour of every day. Businesses may fail, but they also succeed --and the people who started them are often dumber than you!Are you so blind that you can't see your own potential? If you are, just ask your wife or your husband (or your boyfriend or your girlfriend, or your mother). They've seen it for years. If they're like my wife, they keep bringing it up!This is the truth: success happens. It happens all of the time. It happens mainly topeople who have a vision, take the leap of faith, and work their hearts out to bring their dreams to pass -- although oddly enough, oftentimes, people find their "line of success"is doing something that seems like play to them, not work.Can you be a success! You'd better believe it! And when you believe it, and act on it, you
become a success in whatever you choose to do -- that "one thing" that Billy Crystallearned about in the movie.

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