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The Weapons of A Pius Man: An Illustrated Guide.

The Weapons of A Pius Man: An Illustrated Guide.

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Published by JohnK

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Published by: JohnK on Aug 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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“Where do they get those wonderful toys?” The Weapons of A Pius Man.

I think the title is rather self explanatory, but... why do this? Because, in the long run, weapons say a
lot about a person-- whether they prefer close in work, if they prefer taking prisoners, if they want to
inflict a lot of pain before the target dies. Also, this isn't your average thriller. The weapons are
strange, foreign, and some don't even exist yet. I think I get the most mileage out of the ones that don't
exist yet.


Halberd: You all know the Swiss guards: the guys in the tacky gold and burgundy uniforms who look
like they came out of a comic opera, even if their outfits were designed by Michelangelo. Originally
mercenaries, the Swiss Guard is now composed of reservists from the Swiss army—and in Switzerland,
everyone from age 18-60 is in the reserves. If you see any photos of them, you will note that they're
holding an ax with a twelve foot handle. This is called a halberd. The long handle is to reach up to
men on horseback; the hook on the obverse from the ax blade is to snag riders off the horse, and the ax
blade is for obvious reasons. There is also a spear tip on the end to act as, well, a spear.

Now, if you imagine this weapon in the hands of a specially-trained former stuntman with a flair for
violent creativity, you have a slight idea of what I'm going to do with this.
Stechkin: a nice, Russian made weapon. They take .9mm rounds, they come with a twenty-shot clip,
and can fire on full automatic. The weapon of choice for Manana Shushurin.
AK-47. The Kalashnikov is a standard gun the world round. Unfortunately given a bad name for its

misuse in conflicts around the world. It's a very accurate gun, but it comes at a price—the first bullet will hit the target, but firing on full automatic, or even in three-round bursts, will cause the barrel to jump. If someone is well trained to compensate, then that's one thing. Otherwise, best to use it at a semiautomatic weapon.

M-16 A2: Why the Vatican Office of Papal Vigilance has American assault rifles is anyone's guess.

The only thing that Commander Giovanni Figlia will mention is that they “fell off the back of a CIA
truck” sometime during the 80s. The American counterpart to the Kalashnikov, the M16 has gone
through multiple variations over time.

In A Pius Man, they only have a few of these weapons kicking around the Vatican. They are generally
for long range assaults across a battlefield, and Vatican city isn't that big.
H&K MP-5 (SMG):

From Heckler and Koch, the MP-5 is a submachinegun
(SMG), which means it fires rounds that could be
considered bullets for a pistol. Quite popular with
military units, it is nice and compact, and quite

What, you didn't think that the modern Swiss Guards
were armed with just Halberds, did you? A Swiss
uniform can cover a multitude of armaments...

Semi-automatic / SMG cartridges
Assault rifle rounds

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