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Crystal Gillespie - Final Paper - PHI221

Crystal Gillespie - Final Paper - PHI221

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Published by Crystal Gillespie
This is my final draft of the paper I did for Philosophy on homosexual rights and benefits! I am very proud of myself because I received a 100% on it and my instructor said there isn't one thing he would change about it!
This is my final draft of the paper I did for Philosophy on homosexual rights and benefits! I am very proud of myself because I received a 100% on it and my instructor said there isn't one thing he would change about it!

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Published by: Crystal Gillespie on Aug 30, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Homosexual Rights and Benefits
Crystal D. GillespieStevens-Henager College
Crystal Gillespie ± Final Paper (Second Draft)Philosophy 221 ± Tracy Greenwood
hould homosexuals have the legal right to marry and enjoy the samebenefits as other married couples? 
Homosexuality, what does this word truly mean? The true definition of homosexuality isthe ³sexual desire or behavior directed toward a person or persons of one¶s own sex´(Dictionary.com, 2010). The true definition of the word marriage is explained as being ³alegally recognized relationship, established by a civil or religious ceremony, between two peoplewho intend to live together as sexual and domestic partners´ (Bing Dictionary). Marriage is alegal and official bond between two people in love; a happy time praised among many and loved by almost all people of the world. Marriage shouldn¶t be judged by the gender of the two peoplein love. Homosexuals should have the legal right to marry and enjoy the same benefits as other married couples.Homosexuals should have the same rights as anyone else because homosexuality is not achoice, but a way of living for so many people in this world. There have been many theories onhow someone ³becomes´ homosexual. ³There has been some supposition that homosexualitystems from biological factors. These include genetic factors, prenatal factors, differences in brainstructure, and hormonal imbalance.´ (Besa, 2009).
n the book,
 Homosexuality, Birth Order,and Evolution: Toward an Equilibrium Reproductive Economics of Homosexuality
, Edward M.Miller suggests that the birth
order effect on homosexuality may be a by-product of an evolved, biological mechanism that shifts personality away from heterosexuality in later born sons´(Wikipedia, 2010). There are also psychological theories for homosexuality. Sigmund Freud
hypothesized that everyone has the potential for being bisexual at birth. ³Freud believed that thechild passes through a series of stages of development and in each of these stages, a differenterogenous zone is the focus of the child¶s striving´ (Besa, 2009). There are so many moretheories but there isn¶t one person that can explain just how homosexuality occurs. This bringsme back to my point that homosexuality is not a choice, people are just homosexual. Think aboutit, who would choose to be homosexual, to deal with all the jokes and harassment?Homosexuality is normal; it is not some type of nasty disease like some people like to think.
talso is not some weird stage that people go through and it is definitely nothing to discriminateagainst. Homosexuality should not be pushed aside or avoided; it is part of everyone¶s lives. Weshould not just tolerate homosexuals but instead embrace them as if they were anyone else, because again, they are no different than anyone else.
t is part of our future and homosexualsare part of our world, whether we like it or not, so they should have the same rights as anyoneelse has.The Declaration of 
ndependence clearly states ³that all men are created equal´(Declaration of 
ndependence, 1776). The Declaration of 
ndependence also says that all menhave certain rights that cannot be taken away from them; these rights include the ³pursuit ohappiness´ (Declaration of 
ndependence, 1776).
f all men are created equal and everyone hascertain rights that cannot be taken from them, homosexuals should be included in this. Theyhave rights as humans and citizens as well as anyone else. Section 1 of Amendment 14 in theBill of Rights states:All persons born or naturalized in the United States, and subject to the jurisdictionthereof, are citizens of the United States and of the State wherein they reside. No Stateshall make or enforce any law which shall abridge {reduce} the privileges or immunities

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