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The Office -The Blackout

The Office -The Blackout

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Published by zpjooel

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Published by: zpjooel on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Office"The Blackout"ByJoel Stice2007 zpjooel@yahoo.com
ACT IFADE IN:INT. MICHAEL’S OFFICE - MORNINGMichael is sitting in his office rearranging variousitems on his desk. Pam walks in and hands him some ofthe questionnaires he had passed out the previous week.PAMHere are the questionnaires fromlast week and Ryan called and saidthat the Subway didn’t have delistyle mustard.MICHAELSo, what did he get?PAMI’m not sure, spicy brown mustard Ithink.MICHAEL(sighs)Well, it’s not the same.Pam looks awkwardly at the camera, then at Michael,not knowing what to say.MICHAELAll right, you can go.JIM AND DWIGHT’S DESKS - D1Jim and Dwight are each sitting at their desks working.Jim glances at the camera then goes back to what he wasdoing.JIM TALKING HEADJIMLast Saturday, I went to see thatnew Bruce Willis movie, kind of alet down. But anyway, I saw Dwightat the snack bar buying popcorn andtwo drinks. And who did he buy theextra soda for? That’s right,Angela. I snapped a picture on mycamera phone. Just in case I needit, I’ve got that ace in my backpocket.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.He holds up a picture on his phone to the camera.JIM (CONT’D)I gotta geta new job.CUT BACK TO:INT. JIM AND DWIGHT’S WORKSPACE - SAMEJim is sitting at his desk laid back and relaxed.Dwight is busy working at his computer.JIMSo, Dwight, what’d ya do lastweekend?DWIGHTWhich part of the weekend are youreferring to? Because, the weekendconsists of Saturday, Sunday aswell as Friday night.JIMUmm, how about Saturday night.Jim leans forward and looks into the camera.JIMWhat did you do on Saturday nigh?DWIGHTI went to an Aikido and hand-heldweapons demonstration at thecommunity center between 7 and 9:30p.m.JIMAre you sure, because I could swearI saw you at the Martin Twin buyingpopcorn and two sodas?DWIGHTAre you questioning my word on asubject as serious and respected asthe ancient martial art of Aikido?JIMNope. Just asking.SPY SHOT: A wary Angela is eavesdropping on the conversationin the background.MICHAEL TALKING HEAD(CONTINUED)

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