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..and it happened Last Night..

..and it happened Last Night..

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Published by aman_arora
..and it happened Last Night.. what happens when you feel you are in Love
..and it happened Last Night.. what happens when you feel you are in Love

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Published by: aman_arora on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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«and it happened Last Night 
: Aman Arora
" I dun fanc
Mercedes but Pajero i need.. I don't Fantasize of Macbook but Son
Vaio I need.. Neither I have a dream of bu
ing land on Moon but 3bhk flat is what I Need.. "
 Once upon a time.. Hey wait !!! It's not the thing happened long ago andneither i am telling any fairy tale.. Then, why once upon?? Let's start itagain....I thought you noticed me staring at you but No!! It was mere myimagination.. The b'ful angel, my dream girl was sitting just two tablesnext to me in Café Coffee Day (CCD).. Innocent face.. Long straighthair.. Dressed in Purple Top and black skirt just above the knees.. Reading Nicolas Spark's "A walk to Remember ".. And iPod's earphones plugged in to your ears..In spite of being an die hard fan of Metallica {one can say AC :) } ,reading your lips, I could guess Taylor Swift's Love Story playing againn again on iPod Touch. Flipping pages and singing along, thoughinaudible, You kept on looking at the Entrance.. As if you were waitingfor Someone..
There, I was getting more and more desperate to talk to You.. Thinkingof thousands of ideas to approach a girl and cursing myself for notreading that ebook named "Flirting for Dumbos - 1001 ideas to approacha Girl" which my friend sent me last night. Though I did not have anyintention to Flirt around with you But little bit of flirting doesn't harmanyone :-)
"Hi, How are you? May i sit here?
", naah!! This sounds daring so i am Not...
"Hey I have seen you Somewhere, Are you puja's Sister??
", arrgh!! It'san oldie, works rarely..
"Hey you B'ful I want to be your friend say Yes or... Or I will go and try for someone else...",
Yuckzz !! It sucks!!! . I dunn want to behaveCheap.. But the million Dollar Question (which is expensive in itself) is,How to behave EXPENSIVE if not cheap??? :-o{Me, Dushyant and Aman Bansal ,at Cafe Coffee Day, were performingour all time favorite activity -->
RTF aka Real Time Flirting
, whichdeals with the situation where we need to show our so called talent of talking to unknown Girls in real time condition other than that in whichwe talk to them on-line on several Social Networking Websites and trustme it's not at all an Easy task at-least not for ME :-p }Dishu saw me staring at her, tapping my shoulder, he said, "
 Haan!! Haan!! Bhabhi achi hai, Go and talk to her".
"what!! are you out of your brains or pants?? it's Nothing like that..iwas just.... " 
, I replied with confused look.
" You were justttttt.... what??",
Dishu asked with naughty smile on his

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