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Vector Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Intro

Vector Control of Three Phase Induction Motor Intro

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Published by Narayan Marndi

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Published by: Narayan Marndi on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The controllability of torque in an induction motor without any peak overshoot and less ripples withgood transient and steady state responses from the main criteria in the designing of a controller. Though, PIcontroller is able to achieve these but with certain drawbacks. The gains cannot be increased beyond certainlimit so as to have an improved response. Moreover, it introduces non linearity into the system making it morecomplex for analysis. Also it deteriorates the controller performance. With the advent of artificial intelligenttechniques, these drawbacks can be mitigated. One such technique is the use of Fuzzy Logic in the design of controller either independently or in hybrid with PI controller. This paper proposes a unique set of fuzzy logicsfor the speed controller design to be used in vector controlled three phase induction motor. The results obtainedfrom the model using proposed Fuzzy Logic Controller and PI Controller are compared. It can be concludedthat use of Fuzzy logic improves and smoothens out the ripples in the motor torque and stator currents. It alsofacilitates in limiting the magnitude of the torque and current values within the specified range in any kind of disturbance, either provided by the speed removal or by sudden application and removal of load torque. Thishas been verified through the simulation results of the model built completely in a MATLAB/SIMULINK environment.
The design of fuzzy logic as the name suggests is unique in itself [1-3]. Depending on the speedand torque performances requirement of the three-phase induction motor for various industrial application fuzzycontroller with a unique inference system is designed. The performances of PI and fuzzy controller arecompared in [4] but it has considered only 15 rules for designing. It is considered that more the rules, better isthe performance of the controller. The same has been projected in [5, 6]. Abad et al., in [5] have taken 49 rulesfor FLC and then compared the results with that of PI controller. [6] Has incorporated 21 rules and simulatedthe results. All the results obtained are for the step response of speed. Most of the papers have not includedsudden changes in speed or load. The proposed FLC in this paper incorporates all the characteristics viz,a) The starting of motor  b) Speed reversalc) Load applicationd) Load removalThe model of induction motor uses vector control and Space Vector Modulated (SVM) voltage source inverter (VSI). The simulated results thus obtained show improved transients and steady state torque and speed performances when compared with those of PI controller. The FLC is developed in MATLAB using Fuzzylogic toolbox.

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