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Published by Daniel McCarthy
A proposed start to a collaborative writing project.
A proposed start to a collaborative writing project.

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Published by: Daniel McCarthy on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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prologueDermot Queensland grabbed theenvelope where it had been slippedbetween the garbage liner and the metalcontainer. A corner was stained with soysauce. He tore the envelope open.Three sheets of paper were inside with lineafter line of letters and characters.Computer code. It was Greek to him.Natalie would be awake in an hour, hethought. He remembered the way the sunblasted into the bedroom of her bungalowin Auckland. She wouldn’t put shades onuntil the baby came, and by that time he
was long gone, back to New York and onthe biggest story of his life. He left her behind, with her Reality, the little girl heSkyped with whenever he needed Natalieto decipher code. His daughter. Reality.That was what he was holding: the newReality. He read the handwritten note onthe yellow post-it:
D. -- This is the overridecode that’s implanted in every OS install.It’s the smoking gun. J.
The smoking gun that would bring downFreeSoft, the world’s biggest vendor of high-security Democracy-enablement cloudsystems. FreeSoft, the personal playpen
of Basil Raines, CEO, visionary, techgenius, Lord of the Cloud.Dermot looked down the dark alley to thestreet. He needed to get into the light sohe could snap photos of the sheets andshoot them over to Natalie.Pushing the sheets back into the envelope,he walked down the narrow walkwaybehind the Chinese restaurant. The soysauce was slick on his fingers and hethought about licking them. He was goingto need to get the story written fast,before anyone at FreeSoft found out thatthe code had been copied, and get it outonto the Web.

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