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Basic Hardware & Advance Networking

Basic Hardware & Advance Networking

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Published by Amit Agrawal

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Published by: Amit Agrawal on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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HCL Career Development Centre
EXAMINATION-BASIC HARDWAREName:SAP Code: ...........Batch :…………………….. Trainer : Zaheer AlamDate :………………………Max Marks : 50Pass Marks : 35Max Time : 45 MinsQ.1.FCLGA 775 socket is used for ____________ microprocessor.a. Pentium-Ib. AMD Athlonc. Pentium-IVd. Core 2 DuoQ.2.There are __________ pins in RIMM.a. 140-pinsb. 240-pinsc. 168-pinsd. 184-pinsQ.3.You went to a customer to troubleshoot his/her laser printer, you observe that the pageis completely blacka. Primary corona is damagedb. The printer is not resetb. Drum is damagedd. None of the aboveQ.3.On-board LAN is controlled by _____________.a. North Bridgeb. South Bridgec. Both a&bd. None of themQ.4.Floppy Drive contains ____________ sensors.a. 2b. 4c. 6d. 8Q.5.A cluster is combination of ___________.a. Tracksb. Sectorsc. Cylindersd. None of themQ.6.FAT32 supports maximum partition of ___________ GB.a. 2b. 512c. 32d. 2048Q.7. 52X speed CDROM is having the data transfer rate of 7800Kbps.a. Trueb. FalseQ.8.Printer is an example of ___________ communication.a. Serialb. ParallelQ.9.The I/O Address of COM4 is______.a. 3F8-3FFb. 2F8-2FF
c. 2E8-2EFd. 3E8-3EFQ.10.IEEE 1284 is the standard for ___________.a. VGA Portb. Game Portc. Serial Portd. Parallel PortQ.11.There are ___ pins in EISA.a. 198b. 98c. 196d. 96Q.12.RS 232 Interface is a standard for ___________ communication.a. Serialb. Parallelc. Both a&bd. None of the aboveQ.13.In-built Cache Memory & In-built Floating Point Unit starts from _______ CPU.a. 80486 SXb. 80486 DXc. Pentium-Id. Pentium-IIQ.14.The recording media of Hard Disk is known as __________.a. PCBb. CD/DVDc. Platterd. Read/Write HeadQ.15.The power cable of SATA is of ______ pins.a. 10b. 15c. 20d. 25Q.16.SCSI is __________.a. interfacec. controllerc. busd. None of themQ.17._____________ devices are supported by Firewire.a. 63b. 68b. 127d. None of themQ.18.There are _______ types of System Bus.a. 2b. 3`c. 6d. 7Q.19.-12V in SMPS is used for _____________.a. Mouseb. Joystickc. Serial Portd. VGA PortQ.20.___________ command is used to copy hidden files.a. XCOPY/AHb. COPYb. Both a&bd. DIR/AHQ.21.1MB=____________.a. 1024 Nibbleb. 8-bitc. 1024 TBD. 1024 KB
Q.22.Which statements are true? (Select all that apply)a. COM1 & COM3 have same IRQsb. COM2 & COM3 have same IRQsc. COM3 & COM4 have same IRQsd. COM2 & COM4 have same IRQsQ.23.AT SMPS has ___________ pins.a. 5+5b. 6+6c. 10+10d. 12+12Q.24.There are _______ types of PCMCIA cards.a. 1b. 4c. 6d. 3Q.25.IRQ 8 is used for ____________.a. System Timerb. RTCc. Floppyd. KeyboardQ.26.DMA Channel 2 is used for _____.a. RAMb. Floppyc. Sound Cardd. LAN CardQ.27.CD/DVD is an example of ______________ storage.a. Semi-conductorb. Magneticc. Opticald. All of the aboveQ.28.The first version of DOS was released in the year ______.a. 1970b. 1979c. 1980d. 1981Q.29.Cache Memory is an example of ___________.a. SRAMb. DRAMc. Flash Memoryd. Both a & bQ.30.Landing/Parking Zone is available on the outermost track of the Hard Disk.a. Trueb. FalseQ.31.Intel 845 Chipset supports ____________ CPU.a. Pentiumb. Pentium IIc. Pentium IIId. Pentium IVQ.32.Which file is the boot loader of Windows XP Operating System?a. GLDRb. NTLDRc. NTOSKRNLd. Boot.iniQ.34. The minimum RAM required for the installation of windows 98 is?a. 16 MBb. 128 MBc. 32 MBd. 64 MB

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