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What the Hell

What the Hell

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Published by Ryan Spier
first chapter of ebook Angel of Retribution available from ma2books
first chapter of ebook Angel of Retribution available from ma2books

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Categories:Topics, Art & Design
Published by: Ryan Spier on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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RETRIBUTION CHAPTER ONEWhen he awoke he found himself in total darkness. There was something coveringhis face so he pushed it off. Then he sat up. He immediately banged his head onsomething hard and fell back down. He was lying on some sort of metal surface. Hetried to stretch out an arm, but could not. Then a foot, but it only touchedsomething else metal.His prison was some sort of metal box. He felt really tired and cold. The air wasstifling. There had to be some way out. He began to panic. There seemed to be noway out and he had no recollection of his arrival here. He began kicking the end of the box. There was movement as he attacked it. It wasfairly soft thin metal.. He kept kicking He was getting frantic. The air was gettingthinner and breathing was difficult. He felt sure the door was going to give. Therewas only enough room to lift his legs up about thirty centimetres to kick. It had to beenough to get out. He tried to shout but could not utter a sound. His throat felt as if it were closed up.He had been kicking for several minutes when the door flew open. The man feltinstant relief. He had begun to think he would never be able to escape this prison.Slowly he eased himself forward, when suddenly the metal surface he was lying onslid forward.
There was no sound coming from outside. The room was completely silent except for the sound of metal sliding on metal.He was frozen, naked and scared. He threw the sheet that had been covering him tothe floor and sat up. Every part of his body seemed to be cramped. Every time he tried to move from hissitting position his body seemed to freeze. It had been painful to sit up but he thoughtthat was due to being cold. It was a real effort to move at all now.Wherever he was, was completely dark. The man felt as if he were in a daze, nothingseemed completely real to him. It was as if he were watching himself from a far.The silence and darkness were eerie. He sat there for several minutes then found thewillpower to move and swung his legs round, gripping the side of the metal surface ashe did so. He slid forward until his feet reached the floor. He could not feel whathis feet were touching but could sense they were touching something.Standing upright he pushed himself forward and slowly began walking . Movementwas a real effort due to the fact he could not feel anything. The cramp in his legsmeant he was unable to bend his knees. He was lumbering forward slowly. He could barely raise his arms to feel what was in front of him. His surroundings were beginning to scare him.But something scared him more than his immediate surroundings.He had no memory and not just of how he got here. He could not remember any partof his life or even his name. This felt like day one. He felt as if instinct were
guiding him. His memory was as empty as the box he had just escaped from.His legs were dragging across the floor rather than walking. The cramp seemed to beeasing a bit. His legs felt lighter and not so locked up. His arms were outstretched ashe walked forward. He felt something in front of him. He pushed against it but thefeelings did not seem to register. He punched what was in front of him but could feelno pain. He felt his way along what he assumed was a wall until he found what hehad been looking for. A light switch. He pushed it and the room lit up. At thatmoment the hand he had punched the wall with began to throb. That made him smile.There was some feeling coming back to his numb body. When he turned round andlooked at the room he was in the smile fell from his face.The hole he had managed to crawl out from was one of many. There were rows androws of small square doors in the wall behind him. The man walked back towardswhere he had escaped from. He stared into his temporary prison. It was just like alarge drawer. He still felt drowsy and his cramp was being replaced by a feeling of thawing out. It was agony. The feeling of defrosting was all over his body. He lentagainst the wall of drawers almost crying. The man stayed there until the pain beganto ease. It only took several minutes but if felt like hours to him. He looked downat the drawer directly in front of his naked torso. There was a label stuck on it witha name. Keith Mitchell. The man pulled the door open and looked in. There was a body in there under a white sheet. The man slammed the door shut. His vision wasslightly blurry but he recognised a corpse when he saw one.His sense of smell was starting to return. He could smell what he thought were

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