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Cleos Corner 8.27 - St. Pete Beach, Florida

Cleos Corner 8.27 - St. Pete Beach, Florida

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Published by stpetebeachtoday

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Published by: stpetebeachtoday on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Cleo’s Corner 8.27.2010
A final Sweden story
I truly thought that another Swedish miracle could notoccur. After all, having four different people at four differenttimes
get off the tube
and take me to where I wanted to go,and then
get back on the tube
to continue on their journeyseemed like acts of kindness of the ultimate kind.But in Sweden, there was more yet to come my way. Oneevening my potter friend, Monica, and I went out on theboat to the left for a jazz and dinner evening in thearchipelago. It took us an hour to get to the ferry in Stockholm, but the dinner and musicwere worth the time. After dinner, however, we noted we had one more hour on the boat,then we would have to take the bus back to Vaxholm, arriving home somewhere around11:30 p.m. if all went well. We were both tired from a long day.At some point Monica said, ”Too bad the ferry doesn’t stop in Vaxholm,” but I was too tired toregister what she said. I went outside to get some fresh air and suddenly realized we weregoing right by Vaxholm. I ran inside and asked the bartender ”Do you think there is anychance that the captain would let us off in Vaxholm?” ”I don’t know,” he said, ”But I can ask,”and he went directly to do just that. When he reappeared, he said, ”Yes, they will let you off.”Three young men appeared immediately and opened the door to the deck, untied a rope,prepared the sliding ramp and within no time, we were standing on land watching our captainand wonderful friends disappear. Monica and I stood in awe. The clock on the tower struck 9p.m. as we walked into our house. Just one more example of Swedish hospitality. No wonder I’ve been going there for 17 years!
Rhino the Rhinoceros is gone...
It is with sad heart that I had to put my wonderful dog, Rhino,to sleep three days after I got home from Sweden—he hasbeen ill on and off for almost a year. He started decliningabout three weeks ago (and yes, my absence probably didn’thelp), but when I gothome he was just barelyresponsive to me. I spenthis last night with him butby then he had stoppedeating and drinking. My son, Randy, gave him his nameRhino because when he was little when he walked awayfrom you his behind looked just like a rhinoceros’s. I canonly hope that Randy Laco, Joyce Brown and SuzanneWesson, all of whom loved him a lot, will make him athome in God’s land.To commemorate this wonderful friend of mine and of the community’s, we will have amemorial service on Tuesday, August 31 at 7 p.m. at the bell, located at Paradise Grille, 10
Avenue in Pass-a-Grille. Please join us as we tell stories, show pictures and truly give thanksfor the ten years this remarkable dog had in our lives.People often ask me how I got Rhino because he was an unusual lookingdog. I found out from people who knew the original owner that Rhino’s father 

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