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CI Narcotics Controlled Buy Example Affidavit

CI Narcotics Controlled Buy Example Affidavit

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Published by Shawn Freeman

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Published by: Shawn Freeman on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Statement of Probable CausePage
This will be your ³typical´ search warrant template that you would use for 
a controlled buy search warrant. It includes language (³boiler plate´) regardingcomputers and cell phones that should be applicable to most controlled buysearch warrants. At the end of this example is language regarding videotaping.This paragraph might not always be used for these types of search warrants. Besure to read this example before you simply cut and paste it to ensure that itsstatements will be true for your Statement of Probable Cause.
Within the previous ten days, your affiant received information from a confidentialinformant hereinafter referred to in this affidavit as CI. The CI told your affiant that a person known to the CI as Francisco Gonzalez is selling cocaine. The CI knows this asthe CI has purchased cocaine from Francisco Gonzalez in the past. The CI has purchasedcocaine from Francisco Gonzalez in various locales open to the public in the County of Los Angeles. The CI described Francisco Gonzalez as a male Hispanic in his mid thirties, black hair, brown eyes. The CI told your affiant that Francisco Gonzalez has a cellular number of 310-555-2766. The CI told your affiant that Francisco Gonzalez drives amaroon Chevy station wagon, and will drive his maroon Chevy station wagon whenmeeting the CI in various locales open to the public in the County of Los Angeles. The CItold your affiant that Francisco Gonzalez lives in San Luis Beach, and believed the addressthat Francisco Gonzalez lived was 1234 156
Street.Your affiant questioned the CI carefully regarding drug trafficking and the appearance, price, use and effects of various street drugs. The CI¶s answers demonstrated extensiveknowledge about street drugs including, cocaine.Your affiant was able to identify Francisco Gonzalez through departmental resources asFrancisco Javier Gonzalez. Francisco Javier Gonzalez has a DOB of 08-18-71, is a maleHispanic, 5-08, 180 lbs., black hair, brown eyes. Francisco Javier Gonzalez has aCDL#A5987562. Francisco Javier Gonzalez has a residence address listed of 1234 W.154
Street, San Luis Beach Ca. for his CDL as of May 06, 2006.Within the previous ten days, and armed with this information your affiant caused acomplete and thorough search of the CI. The CI had no contraband on their person. The
Statement of Probable CausePage
CI was given a quantity of police funds and went to a public place within the County of Los Angeles and met with Francisco Javier Gonzalez. The CI was kept under constantsurveillance by Special Investigations Unit Detectives while the CI met with FranciscoJavier Gonzalez. After the CI met with Francisco Javier Gonzalez, the CI went to a predetermined meeting location and met with your affiant. Your affiant was given aquantity of a substance, resembling cocaine by the CI. The CI told your affiant thatFrancisco Javier Gonzalez sold the cocaine to the CI when the CI met with FranciscoJavier Gonzalez.Your affiant conducted a presumptive test on the substance believed to be cocaine. Thetest returned positive indicating the substance was cocaine.Within the previous ten days, surveillance was conducted on Francisco Javier Gonzalez.Francisco Javier Gonzalez was observed driving a maroon 1998 Mercury station wagon,Cal Lic#5DTT342.Within the previous ten days, surveillance was conducted on Francisco Javier Gonzalezand Francisco Javier Gonzalez was seen entering the location of 1234 W. 154
Street, SanLuis Beach. Francisco Javier Gonzalez used keys to unlock the front door and enter theresidence.It is your affiant¶s experience that records and paraphernalia such as weighing devices,cutting material, and other containers are permanently possessed by narcotic traffickers inmuch the same way a business will maintain records and tools of its trade, whether or notthe business has a particular item in inventory on a given day.It is your affiant¶s experience that narcotic dealers/sellers commonly sell drugs/narcoticsfrom their personal residence(s) and other locations (such as: public/private businesses,open parking lots, other people¶s residences, public streets and public park/recreationareas). Narcotic dealers will sell narcotics at various locations in order to escape detection
Statement of Probable CausePage
of law enforcement. It is your affiant¶s opinion based on experience and training thatseller¶s of narcotics often use vehicles to transport and store narcotics and will use their vehicle(s) to store and sell narcotics from. It is your affiant¶s opinion based on experienceand training that seller¶s of narcotics will use their residence(s) to store and sell narcoticsfrom.Based upon the information contained in this affidavit, coupled with your affiant¶s trainingand experience, your affiant states that the items of drug paraphernalia and documentationenumerated on Search Warrant & Affidavit page #3 of this affidavit are articles that arecommonly found in, and associated with, places/persons where controlled substances arefound to be present. Your affiant has reason to believe and does believe that there iscontrolled substance(s) in the form of cocaine being sold and stored from the premise(s)and vehicle(s) for which this warrant is requested.Your affiant has been present during the execution of numerous search warrants. Invirtually all of these instances, your affiant has observed utility bills pertaining to thelocation and/or personal letters addressed to the occupants of the location within theresidence being searched. On many occasions, your affiant has observed handwritten notesor papers, photographs, digital cameras (including memory cards and internal memorystorage pictures/video) and video cameras (including memory cards and internal memorystorage pictures/video), keys that fit the location locks, and wallets, purses, diaries, phone books, and luggage tags, all of which contained in or upon them some personalization or which tended to identify the owner(s) thereof and thus circumstantially identified to your affiant the occupant(s) of the premises for the purposes of arrest, identification and crimecharging.Based upon the facts set forth in this affidavit, it your affiant¶s opinion that suspect(s)listed in the ³to be searched page´ are selling controlled substances and that the suspect(s)are taking orders over the telephone for pickup and delivery. Thus, your affiant alsorequest this warrant authorize searching officers to answer telephones (including cellular)

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