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Creating Wealth With Your Mind

Creating Wealth With Your Mind

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Published by trev3255

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Published by: trev3255 on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Creating Wealth With Your Mind1
Creating Wealthwith Your Mind
By Trevor Emdon
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Copyright 2010 http://www.stopworryingandgrowrich.com All Rights Reserved
Creating Wealth With Your Mind2
You are about to unlock the power of your mind to create wealth. If you'vetried to make the law of attraction work without (much or any)success, you're about to discover not only why that should be, but how to correct it. The result will be that you'll unlock your power tocreate wealth according to YOUR rules! 
 You are about to discover:
Why the law of attraction doesn't seem to work for you
What your true power is and how to access it.
The irresistible force within you that will attract money like a magnet.
Why The Law of Attraction Doesn't Seem To Work For You
Let's plunge straight in and examine the law of attraction. In case you haven't heard of thelaw of attraction, (what planet have you been living on?), the principle is that whatever youmost focus on and think about will materialise. In other words, it's tempting claim is that youhave the ability to create your own reality.The idea was popularised a few years ago by a DVD and book called
“The Secret.”
This initself was largely based on the teachings of a non-physical group of beings who callthemselves Abraham.These teachings come through and are spoken by a woman called Esther Hicks, who,
Copyright 2010 http://www.stopworryingandgrowrich.com All Rights Reserved
Creating Wealth With Your Mind3
together with her husband Jerry, have written several very popular books on the subject. If you want to look them up, their website isabraham-hicks.com.Now Esther, speaking the words of Abraham, has a slightly different definition for the law of attraction. She/they says it's this:
“That which is like unto itself is drawn.” 
Okay, it's slightly flowery language, and at first glance it may look like it means exactly thesame as “what you focus on is what you'll get,” but actually it's substantially different.It's that difference that's keeping the law of attraction working for you and millions of otherstoo. “Like attracts like” is probably how we'd say that in modern English, so here's atranslation for you about our specific topic:
“Wealth attracts wealth.” 
Ouch! Does this mean that only the rich can get rich? We've all heard that idea or somethinglike it, haven't we? In fact, the usual colloquialism is, “The rich get richer and the poor getpoorer.” Aha! Now is that sounding a bit more like “That which is like unto itself is drawn”?If only the rich got rich, then only people who were
rich could hope to acquire moremoney. That's not what happens as we know. There are plenty of people with humblebeginnings who've become very wealthy. (Think of Oprah Winfrey for one of the greatestsuccess stories of our time. Anthony Robbins is another).Here, then, is the core of the matter. The law of attraction doesn't seem to work for youbecause you're worried that it won't!Let me turn that on its head for you.
The law of attraction will work for you when you let go of all doubt and worry.
Copyright 2010 http://www.stopworryingandgrowrich.com All Rights Reserved

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