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Published by riclanders
Two super-hot chicks blow nerd's mind. Nine minute skit
Two super-hot chicks blow nerd's mind. Nine minute skit

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Published by: riclanders on Aug 31, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 CHICKSby E. LandersFADE-INPoindexter is walking across campus talking to himself.POINDEXTER..but if the sum of the squareroots of any two sides of anisosceles triangle is equal to ...Darla and Abby too super-hot black cheer-leader types seehim.DARLAOMG, a nerd. I thought there wasscience convention in town. Whyisn't he there?ABBYAnd where did he come from? Theyshoot out of the ground like weeds!Then you gotta look at their nastypocket pencil protectors when youpass them.DARLALet's teach the little turd alesson. Say something that will gethis hopes up.ABBYGotcha five by five.The girls start strutting suggestively as they close in ontheir prey. Poindexter notices nothing until it's too late.ABBYHey, Poindexter, want to feel mybreasts?The girl continue past him. Poindexter stops cold. Suddenlyhe's like a block of ice. The girls stop their snickeringand turn to look at him immediately becoming concerned abouthis dramatic change. DARLAHey, wait a minute -- he's not evenmoving.ABBYOMG! I laid it on too thick.The girls go to him.DARLA
Poindexter, are you all right?ABBYPoindexter, snap out of it. I wasjust playing... Poindexter?...Poin...?DARLAGod, I think he's gone. Look at hiseyes.ABBYNothing ... the pupils ... they'relike, like, the lights are on, butnobody's home.DARLAGimmee, a match.Abby reaches into her pocket and pulls out a Bic lighter,hands it to Darla, who flicks it and passes the flame backand forth past Poindexter's eyes.DARLAOMG! It's like staring into the abyss.ABBYLet me see that.Abby takes the lighter and waves it front of Poindexter'seyes. She picks up his hand, rises it to shoulder level,let go of it. It drops like a life-less object. Result:Nothing. No movement or anything. Nothing.ABBYOMG! We did it! We did it, I'mtelling you, Darla. We sent himover the precipice.DARLAOver the what? ABBYPrecipice.DARLAOh.ABBYI don
t know what the word means either. DARLAAnd what's with this "we" stuff? Ididn't say nothing to him. You'rethe one who sent him over theprecipiceABBYMe? But you're the one who told me
to.DARLAI didn't tell you to lay it on thatthick. You could have turned itdown a notch or two. Now look atHim
he's gone. You overloaded allhis circuits and shorted all hisfuses and transistors.ABBYWhat are we going to do? The deantold me the next time I do that toa boy I was going to be suspended.DARLAYou should have thought about thatbefore you sent him over theprecipice.ABBYI know. I know, but what are wegoing to do now?DARLAJust get a grip, that's what. It'sjust morning. We got classes forthe rest of the day. That shouldgive him enough time to thaw out.C'mon, let's go to class. Nothingwe can do for him now anyway. We'llcome back later.ABBYOk, ok... Please, God, give thisnerd his mind back, I promise toleave them alone for the rest ofthe day if you do. The girls leave Poindexter standing there. Time passes.Classes empty out and students pass Poindexter but he standsthere ramrod straight like a bronze statue. Sometime laterthe girls return with Petula, a girl nerd. Petula takes adoctor's flashlight from her pocket and shines it inPoindexter's eyes. She takes his pulse and places her headagainst his chest to listen to his heart. She shakes herhead and looks at the girls.PETULAI hope you girls had your fun. He'stoast. Gone. Over the precipice.What did you tell him to get himthis way?ABBYNothing! Nothing, I swear!

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