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Not the Official Papal Souvenir

Not the Official Papal Souvenir



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Published by kencooke
An unofficial souvenir of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Australia in 1986. Some funny and not so funny aspects of the church industry.
An unofficial souvenir of the visit of Pope John Paul II to Australia in 1986. Some funny and not so funny aspects of the church industry.

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Published by: kencooke on Jun 27, 2008
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On behalf of a number of humanists,wewish to express the ollowing concernsabout thevisitof thehead'of the Catholichierarchy,KarolWojtyla,nowPopeJohn Paul
WedonotopposethisvisittoAustralia butfeelthatthe costothevisit,whichisvery considerable,should be morelimited in its burdenon the taxpayer. Thecost should be almostentirelybornebythe Vaticanitselandthe CatholicChurch in Australia. Itis recognised thatthePope isatitular headostate andentitledto diplomaticcourtesiesbuttransport costs withinAustralia should notbe at governmentexpense. This applies particularly tothe 'Popemobiles'and thegreat costs otransportingthese vehicles.SecurityforthePopeis im- portantandshouldbe Australia's responsibilitybut notat theoverallcost of millions of dollars.Twelvemilliondollars at least has beenquoted; ourmillion maybe raised bythe Church.Where willtherest come rom if notfromthe tax- payer? Why isthegovernmentsosilent, particularlyinpre- senteconomic circumstances? Of thegreatestconcern however is theexpected propaga- tion duringthePope'svisit through his speeches,of doctri- naire,intolerant,repressiveviews which arenot even shared by a greatproportionoCatholics.Thesearethe reactionary views ondivorce,contraception,abortion,censorship and sexual behavior; fertility control and personalfreedomand tolerance generally. During thePope's visit to Af rica state- ments wererepeatedlymadeagainstcontraception and eff ectivefamily planning."Befruitful and multiply" was themessageina continent besetbysevereeconomicdiffi- culties,byhostilities,by oodshortagesandstarvation,by population pressures in manyregionsand byhighchildand maternal mortality. Thereare such high birthratesin anumberof African countriesthat economic and-social inf rastructures cannot eep pace. Thepressureontheenvironmenthasalready had disastrouseffects. The statements werepurehypocrisybased on doctrinaire blindness. Itneeds tobepointedout thattheVaticanhasnot been freerom moral andinancialcorruption,with recent finan- cialscandals welldocumented.Ithasbeen morallycorrupt initsdealingswith dictatorships, in supportof totalitarian regimes, ooppression,ocensorship and of intolerance. ThePapacy'sadvocacyforpeace and development must be regardedashypocricyin view of thehierarchy'sabovedivis- ivepositionsand pronouncements. This isin mark edcontrast totheattitudesof anumber of progressiveand liberal Catholicswho arethencondem- ned by the Vatican. Werespect someChurch leaders suchas thosein CentralAmericaandthe Philippines who areactive insocialref orm, who would wishto inluence theVatican's regressivestance but whoin turn areslated and disparaged byRome. TheCatholic CommissionforJusticeand Peace also does admirable wor.often againsthierarchy opposition.DecentCatholicsdo notwishto impose their belies on othersbut thePapacydoes.Verymany Catholicsdonot evert share the of icial intolerance on divorceandfertility issues. Reform isneeded in thehierarchyif thereis to be any credibility.Thereis nosignof reformist attitudesin thisPope. Perhaps this visit,if all the issues arebroughtout in the open andconstructive criticism is encouraged,may, after all,do somegood. A t-shirtsouvenir of this visit,forcommercialsale, ass"IsthePopea Catholic?"Ishe, ina real,responsible, human sense?Or ishemerelya front man and propagandist for anoppressive,intolerant and oftencorrupt Vatican, concerned mainlywith wealth,power and opulence. ManyCatholicChurch leaders,particularlyinthede- veloping world havecredibility;social responsibilityand compassion.We believethat thecredibilityof PopeJohn Paul II and theVatican in theseareasaremorethansuspect -theyareof averylow order.
 A gou pof concerneAustr alianhumanists.
 Australians are extremely fortunate this year to have been chosenas hosts to Our Holy Father John Raul II, son of a humble Polish Army man and now no less than the earthly representative of Go Almighty, the creaor of almost everything.The importance of the Holy Visitation cannot be underestimated, for it comes aa time.when three quarters of Roman Cathollcs (not to mention others)consider Our Holy Father's attitude on matters like birth cont ol as out of step with today's world. Organ-isers hope that the event will help Australians to understand that thePapacy is as allve and concerned about its world as it ever was. Just what are these concerns? Ho J  J did the Holy Office become such a colourful institution? How can you personally contribute to arevitalisation of the values that are dear to the heart of Our HolyFather? Is it worth the trouble? Are you a Christian at all?We hope that this little booklet will help you to open your eyes. Brother LofusOrder of the Immaculate Contraception
"NOT THE OFFICIAL PAPAL SOUVENIR"was produced byThe Holy Ghost Busters, c/oP.O. Box 1555 P, Melbourne
honour of the visit by our Holy Father John Paul II, in November 1986.Itwas edited by Rolf Heimann. Typesetting was by "Access". Manythanks to the contributors PhUlipAdams; Thomas, Richard and Harriett Anon; Lofo; Madalyn O'Hair; Neill Overton; Keith Rex; John Shakespeare; Michael Sharkey; lain Stock; Peter Viska and others whogave encouragement and inspiration, or whose ideas we borrowed when it was impossible to ask permission.

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