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Treasure on the Mountain

Treasure on the Mountain

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Published by Auro Bindhan
Its my third written story and leave a comment and keep visiting my site www.auropoetry.weebly.com
Its my third written story and leave a comment and keep visiting my site www.auropoetry.weebly.com

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Published by: Auro Bindhan on Sep 01, 2010
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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TREASURE ON THE MOUNTAINJoseph and Bapu left from the school. Both of them with shouting entered the home.Suddenly his mummy jane see both of them are in happy. What, what happened? Hismummy asked. Our summer holidays start from now. Again both of them shouted.mummy shall we go to anyother palce tonight ? asked bapu. Nope, his mummy simplyanswered, But both of them curious to go somewhere. By thinking, soon they drifted tosleep in that place. Joseph waked and begin reading some newpapers, while reading hesee the Heading “HIDDEN TREASURE ON THE MOUNTAIN” and he briefly readabout that. At that time Bapu also waked, Joseph called him and briefed about that heread in the newpaper. Joseph told “ shall we go that mountain? he asked to Bapu. Bapudeclined. But Joseph convinced him. Tomorrow at dawn , we should start our journey?Okay. Both of them take the weapons, what they need in the mountain. Bapu and josephLaboriously reached the mountain. On the mountain they are seen as steepy old man.They feel hungry. They eat the porridge to relinquish his hunger. Refreshed them Nowthey have to go top of the mountain. They start their walking, while walking 7metresnake crossed across them.They feared, Bapu take the stick to hit the snake .But the snake go off in rapid movement.
Both of them walk step by step, with panic. Untill the sky reached the dusk, they hurriedto the mountain , but it is too far . They take rest under the tree but it is harmful to sleepunder tree they knew , but there is no other choice to go off. They drifted to sleep.. Bothof them awake in morning, while opening them eyes .There are 10 cannibals surroundingthem, suddenly they shrieked. The cannibals stick them with tree and firm with rope.Joesph and Bapu can’t understand what the cannibals are talking. They tried to escapefrom the brutal man. But all the plans are failed.They knew cannibals are going to eatthem. They are prepared one plan. Cannibals ready to eat them. Suddenly Josephact as epilepsy by shaking his whole body.They understand he have disease, suddenlyBapu blood vomited (it is red paint). The cannibals deliberately talk them, they know, if they eat them. They also die. Cannibals released them. Jospeh and Bapu exhausted a breath. By going through upper surface of the mountain, they have breathsufficientoxygen only. They opened the bag and wear the oxygen cylinder. Laboriouslythey reached top of mountain. curiously they searched fo treasure , yes the got it, but itwas locked. They searched for the key.

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