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The Pedigree of Man

The Pedigree of Man

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Published by: npclap on Sep 01, 2010
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The Pedigree of Man
Annie Besant
Anand Gholap Theosophical Institute2009A series of four Lectures delivered by Dr. Annie Besant (during the Annual Convention of theTheosophical Society, at Adyar) during December 1903.
The Spiritual Pedigree
The Physical Pedigree
The Intellectual Pedigree
The Human Races
 73I. THE SPIRITUAL PEDIGREEIN WESTERN LANDS, science during the last fifty years has been trying to trace whatis called the pedigree of man. In Germany, in France, in England, scientific men havetried to arrange the vast number of facts collected, so as to draw a genealogical tree and
represent the way in which man has evolved from the fire-mist to the civilized human being. The great difficulty with regard to these pedigrees of man has been the fact thatthey only apply to his physical nature; in the tracing of his body, scientists trace from stepto step the way in which that wonderful and complicated organism has been built up cell by cell in all the kingdoms of nature; and this they have done with wonderful patienceand with a large degree of success, although their ignorance of successive cycles of growth has caused much confusion, much linking together of types separated byincalculable aeons of time, and much turning upside down of sequences, and translationof descendants into the seats of ancestors.But when you have traced even accurately the pedigree of man's body, you have nottraced the pedigree of man. Man is not his body; the body is but the garment that hewears; and man can never be understood, when you leave out of his pedigree the Spiritthat makes him eternal, and the intelligence, which is an aspect of that Spiritdifferentiating itself in the world of matter, and manifesting as intellect and as mind. Thusthe scientific pedigrees of man are all thrown out of court by the partial nature of the pedigree, and by the fact that you find the least human part of man exclusively dealt with.In theosophical teachings - those which have been given to us by the great Sages of the past, reinforced, verified, and repeated in scripture after scripture of all the great religionsof the world - in these you will find a truer pedigree, that deals with every part of thenature of man. It is not alone in the Hindu1Scriptures, though they are the fullest in this respect, that you can find traces of that primeval revelation, that you can understand something of the long road that man hastravelled in his journey from the mineral to the God; nay, rather should I say, from themineral to the God, for as is truly said, not only in Hindu writings, but by our brothers of Islam: "From God we came, and unto God do we return."In order, then, that we may trace man's pedigree aright, we shall do well to follow the broad outlines laid down by that great disciple of the Sages, H.P.B. whom here I salute,with my heart's gratitude for the light and the knowledge that she has brought to themodern world. At the very outset of these lectures, I would acknowledge my debt to her great work, The Secret Doctrine, from which the whole plan and innumerable details aretaken; I have added some facts, filled up some lacunae, bridged some gulfs, perhaps, butmost of the materials are here, and are drawn from that record of her vast occultknowledge, her giant grasp of facts.She taught us that, in trying to understand man and his pedigree, we must mark threegreat lines of evolution: first, the spiritual, which is by far the most important, for Spirit isthe master of matter , guides it, shapes it, builds it into form; and unless the spiritual pedigree be known, man remains an insoluble problem. Then, at the other pole of humannature, the physical, the pedigree of man's body. The spiritual pedigree is the comingdown by slow degrees of Spirit into Matter. The physical pedigree is the result of the
upward climbing of the Spirit through the Matter, which it shapes for the expression of itsown inherent powers, Then, looking at these two great lines, one from above downwards,the other from below upwards, we come to a point at which a third line of the evolutionof man's pedigree joins these others and links them both to form the human being. That isthe intellectual evolution; that is the coming of the Ego to take possession of his physicaltabernacle, and to link to that tabernacle the Spirit which has brooded over it, which has by its subtle influence Shaped and fashioned it. When we have traced the spiritualevolution, the physical evolution, the intellectual evolution, then there unfolds before us2a vast picture, in which we can see the whole pedigree of man traced in broadilluminative outlines, and we can begin to understand something of the wonder of thatHuman Nature which is God, God in manifested form, divine in essence and in powers.H.P.B. says: "There exists in Nature a triple evolutionary scheme, for the formation of thethree periodical Bases; or rather three separate schemes of evolution, which in our systemare inextricably interwoven and interblended at every point ... 1. The Monadic, as thename implies, is concerned with the growth and development into still higher phases of activity of the Monad, in conjunction with: 2. The Intellectual, represented by the "Mind-intelligence's" (the Solar Gods, or the Fathers devoid of the creative fire), the 'givers of intelligence and consciousness' to man; and: 3. The Physical, represented by the shadowsof the Lunar Fathers, round which Nature has consecrated the present physical body .... Itis the union of these three streams in him, which makes him the complex being he nowis." Now that is the great task that lies before us in these lectures. To my hands, too feeble for the task, to my lips, not sufficiently articulate to speak it, has fallen this work, really far too great for one like myself, so limited alike in knowledge and in power to gain it; andall that I can hope to do is to place before you the results of some study, guided byknowledge far greater than my own, hoping that, not to dictate to you a scheme that youare bound to accept, but to throw out such hints as a student may throw out to students,which may help you in your own study and in your own research; to serve, if I may be sofortunate, as a clue through the labyrinth of Nature, which may aid you in your struggleto traverse it.We take the first of these three lines of human pedigree, the spiritual pedigree of man, Inorder to understand that, we must begin with two vast outlines. The first, the outline othose great Hierarchies of intelligences, of spiritual Intelligences, who, in past aeons, pastuniverses, having completed their own human evolution, have climbed up to be co-workers with God in the shaping of a new Mundane Egg; these are the Hierarchies that3guide and mould, the Architects, the Builders, of Solar systems. We need to get someidea, however vague, however imperfect, however paltry, of these vast Hierarchies that

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